50 signs that you’re definitely a punter

50 signs that you’re definitely a punter

You know you’re a punter when…

1. You say ‘correct weight’ when giving the exact amount of change to a cashier.
2. You find at least one scrunched-up betting ticket in the pockets of your suit just about every time you slip it on.
3. You receive TAB vouchers as birthday/Christmas presents.
4. You assess the foot traffic ahead when walking and make sure you avoid being held-up behind any ‘slowies’.
5. You say ‘the odds-on pop has lobbed’ after something predictable happens (like getting trollied after saying you’re having a quiet weekend, landing three legs of the quaddie, etc).
6. You pretend every mode of transport is a horse.
7. You use the phrase ‘sweating up in the mounting yard’ in everyday situations.
8. You say someone is ‘off the bit’ when they are struggling with something.
9. You say that you’ll be ‘better for the run’ after making an absolute mess of something.
10. You know who ‘Starter Mr Rex Kelly’ is.
11.You refer to yourself as a ‘stayer’ if you’re still at the bar when most of your mates (sprinters) have gone home.
12. You know where Carnarvon, Muswellbrook, Warracknabeal and Kilcoy are despite never taking Geography in high school.
13. The 5, 2 and 6 buttons on your Foxtel remote are showing noticeable signs of wear and tear…read more!

Source Article – By James Lamb  Tuesday, 20 Nov at 6:51am – 50 signs that you’re definitely a punter
Source Image: Get your Pen Out – Getty

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