A Trader’s Thoughts on Betting Software

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In my younger and more innocent betting days I had the dream that all I needed was the right program for my computer, press the button to set the software running and the winnings would flow in.

Sadly the real world is not that simple and so I scrapped any idea that such betting software existed. But the dream persisted and now I find it is no longer complete fantasy. Equally it is not the full dream.

Betting software exists in the form of betting bots and, while the money doesn’t quite roll in when you press the button, having betting software in the form of a bot changes the playing field. The fact is that the only way you can improve your winning chances is to have a system that consistently delivers some edge that gives you a winning chance. Let’s take one of the simplest: you may have a rating system scores runners according to likelihood of success and gives you a good sense of their “value”. If you back these at odds above their rated value (or lay at prices below) then the chances are you will make a profit in the long run.

Here’s the problem: you now have to sit in front of your screen watching the market so that you can get on when the price is right. Even the market is close to your target you might miss it because of the screen refresh so you the market never shows the price you want and/or it takes time to get the bet on. A bot will sit quietly through all races and trigger instantly in the live market. And that’s the simplest betting software you could think of. More realistically, you might decide to have a more complex system, for example, you might want to see a gap of 10 ticks between your selection and others and to bet only if there are 10 seconds to go. Pretty well impossible for you and me, easy peasy for a bot!

Solution: if you have a strategy that you think has potential you can ask Bettingdev to turn it into a bot of your own that you can bet with in the markets you play in, including Asian.

Just think: freedom from the screen, your own private piece of betting software following your instructions to the letter; working 24/7 if you want and doing all the calculations so that you don’t miss getting on or make other mistakes though haste or miscalculation.

Better still, you don’t have to devise your own strategy and define the data you need to make your bot work. Bettingdev have created very powerful bots what are a new generation of betting software and are adding more to their portfolio.   These are automated and operate live in the market so that they pick up instantly on data, then they send you an alert and/or put into play any strategies programmed into them (your own or from pre set ones that you can take as standard or adapt to your own style).   Currently Bettingdev offer Soccer Supervisor in association with InplayTrading, Soccer Supervisor watches the action in play. Spikey Bot watches the markets and lets you know where there are unusual patterns as they happen so, for example, if you see BIG Money going on a particular bet, you can join them (or take advantage of the knowledge that the price on that bet will shorten but others should lengthen). Then there’s Malbot which monitors relative price movements in the racing market and provides strategies to take advantage of them.

With a bit of wit and commonsense you can see how betting software can save a lot of pain and yield sound returns.   Better still, maybe I’m not dreaming when I look at the power of these newer automated bots from Bettingdev: Soccer SupervisorSpikey Bot and Malbot. And, there’s more good news! Word has it that Bettingdev are back in the lab developing more bots they plan to sell in the coming months.  Sweet dreams.

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