Hey, we’re Bettingdev.

We are Bettingdev, a talented and dedicated team of IT engineers. All Betting Lovers.

Whether you want a betting software product or a unique solution, Bettingdev can provide end-to-end custom betting software development services to get your betting project off to a flying start. We can also deal with all kinds of well designed APIs to develop betting projects to bring you features to get into a market in as short as time as possible.

Betfair and Betdaq

We can integrate Betfair data and betting operations into any kind of application through their API.


We can also use the Betburger API with surebets/valuebets type (prematch, live) and up to 10 bookies to create a custom application.

Betting Assistant

Or we can use the COM interface of our partner Gruss (Betting Assistant) to communicate with Betfair or Betdaq.

What we do

We work in the fields of betting application development and UK VPS hosting for betting activities.

Our clients describe us as a product team which creates amazing automated bots.

100% BETTING SOLUTIONS: from the way we offer UK VPS to run your betting software or bet with Bookmakers, the attention put into our custom betting software solutions, the innovation in our ready-to-use automated betting bots and software and the inspiration we get from our partners and the friendship we build with our users.

We constantly strive to operate beyond our users’ expectations, offering cutting edge technologies at an affordable price.


What our clients
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Between us

Why choose up?


The development of a betting application will always be more cost effective than a manual method. And we know the impact of time and profit is very important for bettors and traders.


As IT engineers, confidentiality is part of our job. This is required for any project no matter what it is. No information you provide to us will be disclosed or reused for the creation of another application, this is YOUR project.


We have a deep understanding of a wide range of betting fields, and a real experience in development methods for betting project execution.


Bettingdev Support means that we don’t have a separate support team. Every engineer of Bettingdev has support as priority number one. This translates into the highest level of support possible by giving customers unfiltered access to the developers who build and maintain the technology.

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Bettingdev develops tools and techniques to help bettors achieve what they want most: high-quality, cost-effective, and reliable applications that will succeed in rapidly changing tech-driven betting markets.

Don’t Tell Others!

We are inspired to experiment and do new things. At Bettingdev, we embrace the question “what if”? But we don’t only ask questions; we seek answers. We experiment because we want to learn, but also because we realize that it only takes one great question to change an entire industry. This one of betting.

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