About Bettingdev

We are Bettingdev, a talented and dedicated group of individuals. All Betting Lovers.

100% BETTING SOLUTIONS: from the way we offer our UK VPS to run your betting softwares, the attention we put into our custom betting software solutions, the innovation in our automated betting bots and the inspiration we get from our partners and the friendship we build with our users.

We constantly strive to operate beyond our users’ expectations, offering cutting edge technologies at an affordable price.

Top notch support: “7 day a week – 365 day a year” by e-mail, chat and remote support. Whatever your betting issue we find a solution.

Our policy is to deliver best betting solutions and services for serious bettors, traders and investors.

“This is a summary of what we do. We’ll be delighted to fill out the detail if you want to know more!”

Why choose Bettingdev?


We are there to help you with your betting questions, doubts or advices.
7-day a week
365- day a year

Whether it be through the knowledge base, forum, Facebook groups, e-mail and advanced ticket system our support team is here for you.


As software engineers,
confidentiality is part of our job.
This is required for any project no matter WHAT IT IS.
No information you provide to us will be disclosed or reused for the creation of another trigger or betting software, this is YOUR project.


With our team’s extensive expertise and knowledge in the world of betting and the privileged partnerships we enjoy with betting companies and platforms,
we can provide you solutions tailored to your betting needs. You ask, we provide.