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An Automated Betting Bot is a software that bet for you 24/7.

automated betting bots

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All you have to do is set up your bets and systems, then click “on”!

What kind of bettor are you? Let’s check our collection of automated betting bots for Betfair and choose which one suits your betting needs.

automated betting bots

What do you need to run our Automated Betting Bots?


Not a Spanish or Italian Exchange Account. Free subscription. Betfair is the only platform on which our bots run.

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Our Automated Betting Bots uses the COM connection of Betting Assistant (Gruss Software) to connect to your Betfair account.

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Only for SOCCER SUPERVISOR 2 Pro, to retrieve the data delivered by IPT and used by the bot.

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Automated Betting Bots

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Our Automated Betting Bots can bet with the more complex betting strategies. Why they never miss a bet?

Because their job is to scan the betting markets, bet automatically when they have to do and stop to bet when they have reached their Loss/Profit Stop.

More, they are developed with the ultimate technologies and are improved regularly to be the most powerful and reliable bots you can find in the net. This is why our bots are a new generation of betting software for Betfair.
With a bit of wit and commonsense you can see how a betting bot can save a lot of pain and yield sound returns. Better still, maybe you are not dreaming when you will take a look at the power of these automated bots!

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How can we help you to find profitable betting strategies?

We have included in our automated betting bots some basic strategies/systems that allow you to create your own from them but of course you can create your own from scratch.

For example, Soccer Supervisor 2 Pro thanks to its exclusive modules and its test mode, allows you to create your own strategies. Malbot is delivered with settings that suit UK/IRE/AUS races and there you can also modify the settings (scanning times, ratings, minimum favourite’s price, and much more).

automated betting software

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What to expect? Easy setup,
a bunch of features.

Why waste hours of your time sitting in front of your computer and betting manually?

Automated Betting Bots make your life easier by using our Windows Application, more stable and faster because it is a multi-tasking program!

It can easily perform several tasks at the same time like scanning, betting, trading, analyzing data and so much MORE!

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Posted by Laurence Bettingdev
February 23, 2021
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January 2, 2020
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November 24, 2019

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All our Automated Betting Bots are clear, intuitive, easy and profitable to use. We do not compromise on quality and performance!

Take advantage of these powerful applications to bet with strategy, rationality and objectivity.

In-Play Betting Soccer Bot

To run this bot you need:

SOCCER SUPERVISOR 2 Pro is an Automated In-Play Betting Soccer Bot that uses soccer data from InplayTRADING (shots on target, shots off target, corners, free kicks, penalties, yellow cards, red cards, dangerous attacks, pressure index, etc.) to bet and trade AT YOUR BEHALF, on Betfair, 24/7 according to YOUR OWN STRATEGIES

Automated Soccer Bot

To run this bot you need:

SPIKEY Soccer scans all Betfair Soccer Markets on the search for Big Volumes to find amazing opportunities and send alerts.

A Spike in the Betfair Market means nothing else than a lot of money matched in a very short timeframe. Spikey scanning all soccer markets on the search for Big Volumes.
Once Spikey spots an opportunity according to your settings it will send an Alert (on your PC and by e-mail). Basically there are 5 included systems and you get the bot ready to run with default settings which you can alterate to your needs.

“Spikey Football Bot is the ULTIMATE bot”

“I now have the ability to bet where the ‘smart’ money is being bet. No second guessing, no having to sit and hope I spot something in some obscure market somewhere. I have a piece of football software that works FOR ME all day long searching for the smart money, and alerting me exactly where it is happening as it is happening.
I don’t have ‘insider information’, I don’t need it. The Betfair market tells me all I need to know and my software allows me to spot it instantly. And now you can too!
The Betfair market is huge. I’ve only scratched the surface here and there’s plenty of opportunities available for you to get a piece of the action too. If you would like to have Spikey Football Bot working for you, alerting you to unusual betting patterns so that you can either copy them, or trade them out for very profitable risk free bets, then you are invited to purchase a license to Spikey Bot for a one off payment. It’s possible that just one alert could pay for this software and you then have it working for you for life, scanning the markets finding profitable betting and trading opportunities indefinitely and leaving you with some very easy decisions to make.“

Automated Betting Horse Bot

To run this bot you need:

MALBOT Horse Racing Bot selects and places bets on horse racing Betfair markets in England, Ireland, Australia, South Africa, United States, France, Singapore, Japan, Sweden, and United Arab Emirates.

MALBOT looks at Betfair market movers and provides a rating for every runner. These ratings are used for auto betting based on the user’s settings. It also provides a visual analysis of every horse in a race. So it is not just an Automated Horse Racing Bot, the ratings can also be used for selections however you wish, be it win, place, trifectas/tricast, tournaments, etc.

A powerful market mover betting: Simply Brilliant!

Automated Betting Greyhounds Bot

To run this bot you need:

G2M selects and places bets (back/lay/dutch) on Greyhound Racing Betfair markets in England, Australia and New Zealand once all the criteria are matched.

G2M looks at Betfair market movers and provides a rating for every runner. These ratings are used for auto betting based on the user’s settings. It also provides a visual analysis of every greyhound in a race. So it is not just an Automated Greyhound Racing Bot, the ratings can also be used for selections as win or place.

G2M selects and automatically places bets on greyhound racing Betfair markets in England, New Zealand and Australia. Settings and parameters are controlled by the user. Bets can be placed in live markets or can be placed in paper trading mode to test your settings. Bets can be placed in Win markets (Back or Lay) and Dutch Win betting is also available. 


Affordable pricing.
Easy plans.

Our plans for our automated bots start at just £19.95/month.

Monthly Plan

Recurring payment
Cancel anytime


per month

Great plan to start with.

  • Always up-to-date
  • Pro-active Support
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* billed as £26.95 monthly (auto-renewal)

Yearly Plan 50% OFF!

Recurring payment
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per year

Great price to enjoy the tool for one year.

  • Always up-to-date
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* billed as £119.95 yearly (auto-renewal)

Lifetime Plan

One-off payment


Lifetime License

Great plan to make awesome money saving.

  • Always up-to-date
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* billed as £199.95 once (one-off payment).

** updates are free for the current version bought. However, major upgrades are subject to our fees policy.


We are proud to offer fast and reliable support.

Our Happiness Engineers are happy to help you get the best results from our products. No matter the question, we deal with it and don’t leave you wondering what to do.

Which plan is best for me?

Our bots come in 3 different pricing packages, specially designed to accommodate everyone’s needs. It is up to you to decide which plan suits you better, how you want to go ahead.

I am interesting in buying a annual license? Is your bots will run with a Romanian Betfair account?

Yes, all our bots can run with all Betfair accounts in these countries: United Kingdom | Andorra | Argentina | Australia | Austria | Azerbaijan | Bahamas | Barbados | Belarus | Bermuda | Bolivia | Bosnia and Herzegovina | Botswana | Brazil | Burundi | Cambodia | Cayman Islands | Chile | Costa Rica | Croatia | Denmark | Dominican Republic | Ecuador | Egypt | El Salvador | Equatorial Guinea | Faroe Islands | Finland | Gabon | Gibraltar | Guatemala | Honduras | Hungary | Iceland | Indonesia | Ireland | Ivory Coast | Jamaica | Japan | Kazakhstan | Kyrgyzstan | Latvia | Lebanon | Liberia | Liechtenstein | Lithuania | Luxembourg | Malta | Mauritius | Mexico | Moldova | Monaco | Mongolia | Montenegro | Morocco | Nepal | Netherlands Antilles | New Zealand | Nicaragua | Nigeria | Norway | Pakistan | Panama | Paraguay | Peru | Philippines | Romania | Saint Lucia | Seychelles | Slovakia | South Korea | Sri Lanka | Sultanate of Oman | Sweden | Thailand | Trinidad and Tobago | Tunisia | Turkmenistan | Ukraine | Uruguay | Uzbekistan | Venezuela | Virgin Islands, British | Vietnam.

How often do I have to pay, are there other costs?

With monthly and yearly plans, you will have to renew after the initial period if you want to continue to use the bot and receive update and support. 

There are no other costs. Everything is included.

How and when can I cancel my subscription?

You can cancel your subscription (monthly or yearly) at anytime through your own account.

Is there a difference between monthly, yearly or lifetime plan?

The short answer is no.
No matter the payment option the plans include the same features. It just depends on your preferences and how long you plan to use the bot.

Still have a question?

If you have not found the answer to your question here, get in touch and we will be happy to help.

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