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By visiting Betting Exchange sites you will have certainly seen that they offer their own API (free or paid).

But what is an API and what can you use it for? Simply put, an API is an “Application Programming Interface” which allows two applications to communicate with each other and let third party developers like Bettingdev Team to create amazing custom applications that will automate your betting activity.

Imagine we integrate the API of your choice in your custom bot, let you read live market data, place bets, check your account statement and much more without having to use the betting exchange web site. We can also include all sorts of extra features as betting history, data analysis, importation and much more.

We can deal with all kinds of well designed APIs to develop betting projects to bring you features to get into a market in as short as time as possible.

Betfair API makes its data and functionality available so that we can use it to develop custom applications. For example, we can read 200 markets simultaneously!

When talking about Betting Exchanges we often tend to focus only on Betfair. But other Betting Exchanges do exist besides Betfair and offer their API as well:

Smarkets offers a much lower flat-rate commission of just 2% on all winning bets and a free API, compared to Betfair’s 5% and a paid API.
Matchbook charges you a 2% commission only on your net profit on a market, proposes a free access available to their API for accounts which use less than 1,000,000 GET requests per month.
Betdaq charges you a 2% commission, have also an API that is open to customer who have funds in their Betdaq accounts and who regularly place bets on the exchange.

While we mention these APIs, the fact is we can integrate all kinds of APIs in your future custom bot. Let your imagination do the rest: only your needs will determine the functionality with these API’s.

So, feel free to imagine your perfect bot and then don’t hesitate to contact us for a quote. Then we can work together to bring that ideal to reality.

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  1. John

    Do you provide Betfair API, and if so, is there a cost for this?

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