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What is Push Betting Idea?

When you think about it, everything starts with an idea.  This is true of Bettingdev’s products.  One of us has had a betting idea; we then test it to see if it holds together and has value i.e. the potential to show a profit in the betting market.  If it looks good then comes the more difficult part: designing, testing and retesting the software/solution (and continuing to ensure that it will work profitably for bettors).

We are adding a new feature to our site that allows you to submit your betting idea, whatever your needs are (like our software, automated bots, data, statistics, tips…), and whatever the sport or market. You can add tags and files to your idea for more details and thus inform other site visitors about your betting idea.

Once your betting idea has been submitted and published, site visitors can vote up for it, if they are also interested in it and it fits their needs, and as soon as an betting idea reaches 100 votes it is reviewed by our team to be accepted or rejected for development.

If it is accepted, we will contact you to clarify and agree all requirements and details before beginning the program creation process using your idea. And, as soon as it is finished, we contact you with your copy and make it available for sale on our website.

What’s in it for you? A customised personal project is expensive because you are the only one paying for it, but if your project is of interest to a lot of other punters, it is likely to be for sale on our site at an affordable price. Thus, you win by having a working system built for you at an affordable price too (To build a working system from scratch could easily cost up to £10,000!).

We, therefore, recommend that you talk about your idea on other sites, around you, to raise the votes to have your idea see the light of day.

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Step 1


A new idea is submitted: either accepted or rejected by our team to be displayed on the site. Be as specific as possible. The more detail you can provide, the more likely your idea will appear on the site.

Step 2


If your idea is accepted to be displayed on the site, its status changes to "OPEN". Other visitors can see it, vote for it and add comments.

Step 3


Your idea has reached 100 votes. It goes under review by our team and we accept or refuse to create it. If it is accepted, it goes to "PROGRESS" status.

Step 4


Once it has been accepted for development, we start working on it (analysis, coding, testing, deployment and release).

Push Betting Idea

Push Betting Idea

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