Have we a betting winning formula/system/sure find way to identify winners?

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We often get questions along the lines of: Have you a betting winning formula/system/sure find way to identify winners? Or, in other words, do we do magic?

Away back as far as the ancient Greeks there was a belief in the Philosophers’ Stone, and later, alchemists sought an elixir that could turn base metals into gold. Now, in the age of the Internet, some people still have the belief or hope that these magic substances can still be found!

Such guys believe there is a betting elixir that will unlock untold profits. We have to be gentle with such deluded souls! There ain’t one!

We know where they are coming from and understand their frustrations. There really is gold in them thar hills but like the alchemists and philosophers of olde, it is not to be found by magic or wishful thinking.

Serious bettors know that winning bettors work to find the motherlode, digging deep into the mountains of data that are available, analysing the history and statistics to find the patterns that yield returns.

Now, just as gold mining has changed a lot from the days of the Californian and Klondike gold rushes when they used panning and shovels in a backbreaking effort to find riches, so too has Bettingdev changed the brain numbing effort, time and patience required to find golden opportunities in all the information that is available on most sports these days.

To put it simply, our approach is not to find the gold for you but to provide a suite of tools/bots that help you analyse the wealth of statistics, process data to identify the best betting opportunities and history pointing you towards where the nuggets are and to bet automatically for you. This is not alchemy, nothing is found without effort, but the effort can be made so much easier.

Unfortunately, experience is something we cannot teach but we can help you to be a winner.
For example, we are happy to provide settings for Malbot. We have many years experience looking at markets, volumes, market movers, etc. How do we possibly teach that to people? It’s impossible, because it is not an exact science and it takes time observing and coming to understand racing and interaction between the sport and the betting markets.
Another example is GoodBet: its job is to cut through and organise all the information so that you are presented with a broad analysis of any race. with the drudge work done you have the luxury of time and ready facts to make your betting decision.

In addition every individual has their own betting style and objective. Our Betting Softwares just make the job easier and steers you to approach the challenge in a professional way. Thus, while we can bring you towards areas with potential, we encourage you to develop and test your own settings on our betting bots. And, again using professional discipline, we encourage you to keep records and do post race/game analysis to understand better the reasons for wins and losses, to enjoy more of the former and less of the latter.. .that way lies long term success.*

* We are preparing our next article which will be a Bettor’s Bible. Just as the Good Book teaches us how to live will, this one aims to help you be successful in your approach to betting.

So to your original question «Have you a winning formula/system/sure find way to identify winners? »

Many people can find winners, but the difference between the gambler and the true professional is getting value for money and consistent results: this is exactly what our range of softwares offers you.

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