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Bettingdev Affiliate Program: Get Paid to Promote Products and Services you Love!

Bettingdev Affiliate Program is an opportunity for YOU to work with World’s No. 1 Solutions for Bettors and earn. The program lets you earn up to 30% commission for every sale made through your referral*.

Once you start earning, you’ll want to keep on going!

Also, we help you earn more through regular challenges — exclusively for highest performing affiliates. Who knows, we may even award you for trying something new and promoting our services/products.


Step 1


Joining Bettingdev’s affiliate program is absolutely FREE! Fill a short online form, and you are almost ready-to-go. We typically approve your request within 1 business day.

Step 2


Place your linking code or one of our banners into your support (website, blog, e-mails, newsletter or even friendly sales at home).

Step 3


Earn up to 30% commission when your referrees purchase lifetime license products or sign up to one of our monthly plans.



We pay some of the highest commissions out there because we know that quality marketing is worth paying for.


You select the products or services to promote among our betting softwares, our betting systems , our plans and more. So you’re sure to always find offers that will profitably appeal to your audience.


Many of our products/services are sold on a recurring subscription basis. These are some of the greatest opportunities for YOU because as long as the customer continues the subscription, you’ll continue earning money month after month, not just the first one!


We’ve built our reputation by paying our affiliates on time. You can choose to get paid as often as every sale, as every week or as every month. Forget about minimum sales: no minimum is required!


There’s no cap on the amount of commissions you can earn. Refer as many people as you’d like; we won’t ever hold you back.


Our custom tracking is hard coded into our platform. We use advanced, customized technology to ensure you always get credit for every single referral*.


Our affiliate system automatically tracks and rewards good performance by our affiliates each month: we add bonus commission to the best affiliate of the month!


Take advantage of our generous 30 day cookie window!


Our Affiliate Program help you to understand your sales: sales data and monitor your progress in real-time!


We offer time to time exclusive custom discounts and promotions you can offer to your audience.


Earn up to 30% commission for every sale made through a Betting Bot, a Betting System or a Software*.

Let’s do math: for example, if we have a sale through your affiliate link for a lifetime license bot like Malbot at £199.95 you will earn £59.98! Or if we have a monthly subscription for Malbot at £26.95 through your affiliate link you will earn £8.08 and as long as the subscriber keep his membership! It's cool, isn't it?

How does Bettingdev Affiliates Program work?

The process is very simple:

1. Visitor clicks on an affiliate link on your site or an email or a banner.

2. The visitors IP is logged and a cookie is placed in their browser for tracking purposes.

3. The visitor browses our site, and may decide to order.

4. When your visitors/readers place an order from an Bettingdev affiliate link/banner you have on your site or into your emails (the order does not need to be placed during the same browser session – cookies and IPs are stored up to 30 days), the order will be registered as a sale FOR YOU and you will receive:

  • 30% commission for each bot, software or betting system sale (lifetime license or subscription products as long as the subscriber keeps his subscription active.)
Do you have links to specific content for your affiliates?

Yes. Time to time, we send you links via email for even easier promotion to earn commissions.

How do I promote Bettingdev?

When you join our affiliate program, you’ll have access to a unique referral link that you can use to promote Bettingdev. You can also use a number of ready-to-go ads, or create your own links from any page of the site you want to share (such as blog posts) thanks to the referral URL generator. With your link in hand, your ready to promote!

How and when will I get paid?

It’s up to you: After each sale, each week or each month. Just tell us during the signing up how when you want to be paid through Paypal.

How long do cookie last for?

Cookies will last for an extra long period of 30 days. It will start every time the user clicks on the link again.

How do I refer a new customer?

You can share your link or banner on social media chanel, email list, website, blog or give your affiliate ID during friendly sales at home. The choice is totally yours!

How does the link tracking work?

We utilize cookies to monitor your referral links. If an individual navigates away from the webpage and later revisits without re-engaging with your referral link, the cookies ensure the activity is tracked. We, however, cannot be held accountable if the affiliate decides to delete all cookies from their computer.

How much can I earn?

You are eligible to earn a substantial commission for every sale generated through your referral, whether it is a product or service you are promoting. The commission structure is as follows:

  • For bots and software, you can earn a 30% commission. However, please note that this does not apply to discounted products.
  • For betting systems, a 15% commission can be earned.

It 's time to become an Affiliate!

Start earning money for every sale you make.

  • *You are eligible to earn a substantial commission for every sale generated through your referral, whether it is a product or service you are promoting. The commission structure is as follows:

– For bots and software, you can earn a 30% commission (Lifetime License or Monthly Plan)

– For betting systems, a 15% commission can be earned

However, please note that this does not apply to discounted products, unless a prior agreement has been established with the affiliate and

  • * If a customer referred through your affiliate link is already registered in our database, no commission will be awarded for the sales generated via your affiliate link.
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