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How do we use data at the heart of our betting software?

Betting Data is a real goldmine, offering key information for analysing the different markets for different sports (results, history, preferences, etc.). However, it is important to know which data sources to collect because with such an abundance and diversity of data and sources, there is always a risk of non-compatibility. This is why we streamline the processes that refine, standardise and consolidate different types of data so that we can transform them into usable information to create different powerful betting software to help our users take the right decisions for their strategies and bets.

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Our plans for our roulette software start at just £59.95 the Lifetime License.


NO need another third party.


Usable to bet manually with Online Casino and Live Dealer.


Usable from all over the world. Our roulette software evolves over time: new languages and countries are added regularly.


For both beginners and experts.


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From £199

per year

Only available for selected roulette software.

  • Full features
  • Always up-to-date
  • Pro-active Support
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* billed as £199 monthly (auto-renewal)


Lifetime License

From £59.95

Lifetime License

Only available for selected roulette software.

  • Full features
  • Always up-to-date
  • Pro-active Support
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* billed as £59.95 once (one-off payment)

** updates are free for the current version bought. However, major upgrades are subject to our fees policy.

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What is the difference between automated betting bots and betting software?

An automated betting bot will bet for you according to your strategies and needs a third party to operate. A betting software, on the other hand, does not need any third party but will not bet automatically. You will have to bet manually with the Betting Exchange or at your favourite bookmaker.

Which plan is best for me?

Our Betting Software come in two different plans, specially designed to accommodate everyone’s needs. It is up to you to decide which plan suits you better, how you want to go ahead, with limited games/races or all games/races with all features.

How often do I have to pay, are there other costs?

You do not have to do anything at the end of the initial period, as the subscription is a recurrent payment, it will be renewed automatically.
If you have subscribed to the free subscription and wish to go ahead with ALL games or races, you will need to subscribe to the Standard Plan.
For some Betting Software you can add additional add-ons.

How and when can I cancel my subscription?

You can cancel your subscription at anytime through your own account.

Is there a difference between Free and Standard plan?

The short answer is yes.
Theses plans do not include the same accesses.
With the Free plan you only have access to one game or race per league or country. However, you will have access to all the features.
For the Standard Plan you will have access to all races or games and all features.

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