Automated Betting Bots

Bettingdev is more than you think.

Bettingdev is about Custom Development for Betting: Betting Bot Application, Mobile Application and Web Application for Serious Bettors. Bettingdev is about Automated Betting Bots as Soccer Supervisor, Spikey soccer, Spikey Tennis, Malbot and G2M. Bettingdev is about Betting Systems. As well as all the above Bettingdev is also THE UK VPS...

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The rise of Betfair Software: The changes I’ve seen...

Betfair software that can help us spot things and move faster… Betfair seems to have been around forever but it only went live in June 2000 (which may actually be forever in the online world). And how things have changed in that time! The most obvious has been the number...

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A Trader's Thoughts on Betting Software

In my younger and more innocent betting days I had the dream that all I needed was the right program for my computer, press the button to set the software running and the winnings would flow in. Sadly the real world is not that simple and so I scrapped any...

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Why waste hours of your time sitting in front of your computer and betting manually? An Automated Betting Bot (we can call it also Automated Betting Software for Betfair) makes your life easier by using our Windows Application, more stable and faster because it is a multi-tasking program! It can...

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