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🚀 Bettingdev's Custom Betting Bot: Your Gateway to Advanced Betting 🌟

Bettingdev: Comprehensive Customized Solutions for Every Bettor At Bettingdev, we specialize in an array of innovative solutions. Our portfolio includes bespoke betting bots for Windows, sophisticated data applications for betting, dynamic web applications, and user-friendly Android apps. Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned pro, our tailored solutions are designed...

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Betfair API - Smarkets API - Matchbook API - Betdaq API

By visiting Betting Exchange sites you will have certainly seen that they offer their own API (free or paid). But what is an API and what can you use it for? Simply put, an API is an “Application Programming Interface” which allows two applications to communicate with each other and...

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Bettingdev is more than you think.

Bettingdev is about Custom Development for Betting: Betting Bot Application, Mobile Application and Web Application for Serious Bettors. Bettingdev is about Automated Betting Bots as Soccer Supervisor, Spikey soccer, Spikey Tennis, Malbot and G2M. Bettingdev is about Betting Systems. As well as all the above Bettingdev is also THE UK VPS...

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