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Greyhound Market Movers = G2M | Part 3

We have looked broadly at the results of G2M with different Volume% settings, Prices or Odds Range and Tracks. The settings I am using on my Gyanhton VPS copy of G2M include the following: – I use the Volume Rating Tab for my Betting Mode with the time settings: #1...

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Greyhound Market Movers = G2M | Part 2

I now have over 87,000 results in my Excel database, and I can evaluate any of the criteria produced by G2M in a few minutes. I first run through all the available criteria to confirm that the usual most influential apply to the information my G2M program has collected. As...

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Greyhound Market Movers = G2M | Part 1

Hi There! I have been a daily user of the Bettingdev programs Malbot and G2M (Greyhound Market Movers) for around four years, and many other programs for much longer, since becoming a fulltime professional punter almost 10 years ago. My name is Mike McBain, I live in beautiful Tasmania the...

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Increase your betting profits and bet like a pro with our Bettingdev Expert Advices! #1- Betting Advice: FORM This concerns above all the horse (after all whose legs do the work here) but it also comes with the stable, the trainer, the jockey and even the tipster … yes! Physical...

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