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SOCCER SUPERVISOR 2 PRO>The Master of Soccer Bot!

To run Soccer Supervisor 2 PRO you need: – A BETFAIR ACCOUNT (Free subscription) – A SUBSCRIPTION TO GRUSS SOFTWARE – Betting Assistant – (Free Trial) – A SUBSCRIPTION TO INPLAYTRADING (We can sort a week trial out with IPT for ONLY £1! Valid only coupled with Soccer Supervisor 2...

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Join our Official Facebook Group for Soccer Supervisor 2 PRO!

You are welcome to join us to the Official Facebook Group for Soccer Supervisor 2 PRO! The purpose of this group is to help one another get to know and understand Soccer Supervisor 2 Pro better, to provide guidance as we build our own strategies with Soccer Supervisor 2 Pro...

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Occasionally, bettors have questions about our products. While we try to deal with all queries it is useful to respond to the more common ones by posting them in our blog – Section FAQ. If you have any questions about other products or services, feel free to ask us. We...

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Soccer Bot: the next generation (Soccer Supervisor)

First there were betting exchanges that allowed the bettor to bypass the bookie; almost simultaneously came the ability to bet more widely in-play. Serious traders quickly recognised the value of using bots. A football game might last 90 minutes but it is often difficult to get a bet on to...

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