Explore the Best VPSs for Betting: Introducing a new Plan

We’re excited to unveil the latest addition to our line-up of specialized VPS plans tailored for the betting aficionado: the Basic Plan. This entry-level option is not just an addition; it’s a gateway to efficient and essential betting, designed for those who are taking their first steps into the world...

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📢 Introducing - VPS for betting 🌐

Introducing, a new service offered by, our trusted parent company known for its advanced technology solutions in the realm of betting. Combining the expertise and innovation of, provides an unmatched UK VPS betting hosting experience.

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VPS or VPN: What Is The Difference?

VPS or VPN? Apart from the word “Virtual” in their name and the fact that both are sold as a service through the web, there is not much in common between both. Many people confuse VPS and VPN but they are two completely different virtual solutions. So let’s see how...

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Bettingdev Hosting Solution: UK VPS for no techie!

No tech knowledge needed: UK VPS for no techie! Can you imagine a computer available to you 24/7, from anywhere and anytime? All you need is an internet connection to be able to access it. That’s a VPS (Virtual Private Server). I’ve already got my own computer, so why do...

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Bettingdev is more than you think.

Bettingdev is about Custom Development for Betting: Betting Bot Application, Mobile Application and Web Application for Serious Bettors. Bettingdev is about Automated Betting Bots as Soccer Supervisor, Spikey soccer, Spikey Tennis, Malbot and G2M. Bettingdev is about Betting Systems. As well as all the above Bettingdev is also THE UK VPS...

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The connection between VPS and Synchronicity.

Everybody knows about the 1956 Grand National. All you have to do is mention Devon Loch. But what won? I can tell you because I was a nipper in short trousers when my granny gave be half a crown (30p, which would buy you a gallon of petrol) How come...

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