Betting History

Each bet placed by the bot will automatically be added in the “Betting History” table (you must click Calculate to update the table).

The bet status, as well as the amounts and stakes matched, are automatically updated every 45 seconds.

BT Draw - Betting History
BT Draw – Betting History

BT Draw - Filters

You can filter the data by date (predefined periods can also be selected by clicking the arrow button).

You also have several other options at your disposal that allow you to display only BACK bets for example, or to display only bets with a final result “W” or “L”, or alternatively you can decide to not display cancelled bets by unchecking the “CANCELLED” option.

BT Draw - Betting History Reset

Click the reset button (the purple arrows) if you want to reset the filters.

BT Draw - Betting History Buttons

By enabling or disabling an option, the software automatically recalculates and redisplays the data in the table, no need to click on Calculate again. However, if you change the period manually, you need to click Calculate to update the table.

The Graph button opens a window where a graph is displayed showing the profit/loss evolution of the records visible in the Betting History table.

The results can be exported to an Excel format file by clicking the button called xlsx.

If you click on Delete, this will delete the visible records in the table. This means that if there is a filter activated, the data excluded from the filter will not be deleted.

TipIf the result of the bet (test mode) is unknown (e.g. when the score is N/A), you can set the result of the game manually by right-clicking on the corresponding game in the “Score” column.

>> Betting History Tab

The columns and counters in Betting History table are similar to those in 1X2 table except for 4 columns:

Avg Price Matched: This is the average price matched of your bet. It may differ from the Betfair Odds depending on market volatility and the back/lay offset settings.
Stake Matched: This is the amount matched of your bet. It may differ to the value in the Stake column if your bet is partially matched.
When?: This column specifies whether your bet was matched or partially matched before the game started (KO=Kick-Off) or during the game (IP=In-Play).
Global P/L: This column follows the evolution of the P/L Net by adding up each amount in the table.