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BT Draw - Today's Games
BT Draw – Today’s Games

This is where all the action takes place!

To simplify the use of this new bot as much as possible, we have gathered in the same space: the settings, the game list of the day as well as the current bets. Everything is at your fingertips, visible at a glance. No endless list of criteria to configure the bot, everything is simplified to the maximum so that any bettor, whatever his level of knowledge of football and computers, can use this little gem in an optimal way.

For example, let’s take the “settings” area at the top of the screenshot above.

BT Draw - Settings
BT Draw – Settings

>> Automated Settings

Firstly, as a “one-click” bot, BT Draw includes an auto-configuration feature. What is auto-configuration? It’s simply a mode that you turn on or off as desired by checking the “Automated Settings” option.

BT Draw - Automated Settings

When enabled, the bot checks every hour to make sure that the latest settings have been downloaded and are currently being applied. These settings are specially designed by our team. “Last Update” is the date of the last settings update. Of course you can disable this option and use your own settings, there are so many different ways to use BT Draw.

If you find that there are not enough bets placed by the bot, you can modify the settings by reducing (BACK) or increasing (LAY) the value of the selection criteria (Minimum/Maximum Win%, Edge%, etc) or by increasing the odds range. Be aware that due to a lower number of games during the week there are far fewer opportunities than at the weekend.

Tip However, even if you do not activate this option, you can still import the current team settings by clicking on the button with the green arrows to the right of “Automated Settings”. This way you can use it as a base, and modify some criteria as you like. As the option is not activated, your settings will not be overwritten by the next new settings we publish.

BT Draw - Week Mode BT Draw - Week-End Mode

When automated settings are enabled, the bot uses two different types of settings: one for the week and one for the week-end. Why is this? Because the number of matches is much higher on Saturday and Sunday than the rest of the week, which led the team to adapt the settings so that there are not too many selections on the week-end.

There is an icon on the right side of the “Betting History” tab that indicates whether the bot is using the Week or Week-End mode settings.

>> Betting Modes

BT Draw - Betting Mode

BT Draw has 3 different betting modes: BACK/LAY, BACK only, and LAY only.

Whatever mode you select, the bot will never place more than one bet per match on the Draw. So, if you choose BACK/LAY mode, for a given match, BT DRAW will either not place a bet, or it will place a back bet on the Draw or a lay bet against the Draw. It will never place a back bet and a lay bet on the same match.

The bot scans each match a single time, about 3 minutes before kick-off.
When scanning, BT Draw places bets (back or lay on the Draw selection) if the criteria match the parameters defined in the configuration part that we will describe in the next paragraph. All the bets are placed with the In-Play option of Betfair, this means that the bets can be matched in-play if unmatched at kick-off.

>> Configuration

BT Draw - Configuration

If you have opted for BACK/LAY mode, you can view the configuration for each bet type by clicking on one of the above buttons (BACK or LAY).

BT Draw - Back Settings

Back Settings are displayed in blue.

BT Draw - Lay Settings

While Lay Settings are displayed in pink.

Description of the 6 different parameters that you can alter:

Minimum/Maximum Draw Volume: If the matched volume for the Draw selection is less (BACK settings) or greater (LAY settings), no bet will be placed.

Minimum Market Volume: If the total matched volume in the Match Odds market than this value, no bet will be placed.

Minimum/Maximum Win %: If the Win % calculated by the bot for the Draw selection (column “W%”) is less (BACK settings) or greater (LAY settings) than this value, no bet will be placed.

Minimum/Maximum Edge %: If the Edge % calculated by the bot for the Draw selection is less (BACK settings) or greater (LAY settings) than this value, no bet will be placed.

BF Odds from … to …: If the current Betfair odds of the Draw is outside the odds range, then this is a no bet situation.

1 Unit: This is the unit stake that will be used by the bot to calculate the amount of the bets.
For example, if you set this value to £10 and that BT Draw determines that the optimum stake is 2 units for a specific game, then it will place a back or lay bet to £20 (10×2).

TipThe value of the above parameters can be changed by sliding the potentiometer or by entering the value directly into the field. The more you extend the values of the parameters, the more bets the bot will place.

>> Other Functions

BT Draw - Off button BT Draw - On button

When OFF is displayed, the bot is turned off, the markets are not scanned and therefore no bets can be placed.
To turn ON the bot, simply click OFF, then the button changes to ON. Similarly, to turn off the bot, click ON.

When the bot is ON, one of the first actions that will be performed is the import of the games of the day if they are not yet in the 1X2 table. Then, the bot will scan the markets to search

If you are already familiar with some of our other bots, you already know about the essential test mode feature. It allows you to test any configuration without using any money. Tick the box to enable it, untick it to disable it.

BT Draw - Help Menu

Here are 3 more buttons, which allow you, from left to right, to open the Betting Assistant (Gruss) configuration window, to open the Help menu (see below) and to activate/deactivate the sounds. (goals, win, etc).

BT Draw - Help Menu

The help menu includes: a link to this User Guide, the Report a Bug function to send a message to our Technical Support, the Log Files option to open the folder where the daily logs are stored, and the Updates option to open the Window where are listed the bug fixes.

>> 1X2 Tab

BT Draw - 1X2 Tab
BT Draw – 1X2 Tab

Here is an overview of the main tab.
Before going through each column of the 1X2 table step by step, let’s first look at the different labels, fields and buttons located at the top of the table.

From left to right:

BT Draw - Live scores option : By default, livescores are displayed for each match where a bet has been placed. However, if you tick the “Live scores (non-betting games)” option, the scores will be displayed for all matches. This option is very useful to analyse and improve your own strategy by exporting the data of the day to Excel (xlsx button).

BT Draw - Auto import option : By checking the “Auto import games” option, BT Draw will refresh Betting Assistant and automatically import new games after midnight, but also throughout the morning as Betfair may add matches during the day. The previous day’s list of games is then deleted to show the day’s games only. We advise you to activate this option if you want to run the bot 24/7. If this option is not activated, you will have to “manually” import the games by clicking on the button next to the table title (Today’s matches) or simply by starting the bot (ON/OFF button).

BT Draw - Number of games : The number of games displayed in the table appears at the top left of the table.

BT Draw - Only show games with a bet : By clicking on this option, only the games for which a bet has been placed will be displayed in the table.

BT Draw - Go To Next Game : Click on this button to automatically select the row in the table corresponding to the next game to be scanned (not yet started).

BT Draw - Refresh Games : Only active when the bot is stopped, clicking on the purple arrows will re-import the games of the day (note that the current table will be deleted – do not use if bets are in progress).

BT Draw - Counters : The counters on the right of the screen give the number of bets placed on the day, the total bet and the live yield. The Live Yield is the yield calculated by taking into account not only the results of completed matches, but also the yield if the results of the current live bets were validated. The xlsx button allows you to export the full game list and the related data to an Excel (.xslx) file, which you can then open with Excel, WPS Office or any other program that can read this file type.

Let us now look in detail at the contents of the table itself…

Column list:

Date/Time: This is the date and time of the match.
Game: These are the two teams of the match (Home v Away).
Draw Volume: This is the volume of our selection (The Draw) at the time of the scan.
Market Volume: This is the market volume at the time of the scan.
Gph: This is a copy of the Betfair graph related to the draw selection at the time of the scan. The graph will no be updated during the game.
%W (winning percentage of the draw): This column gives the probability of the game ending in a draw (in percentage). This calculation is based only on the columns “Draw Volume” and “Market Volume”.
True Odds: This is the calculated odds of the draw based on “%W”, what we could call the fair odds based on the traded volumes.
Betfair Odds: This is the Betfair back odds at the time of the scan.
Edge %: This is the expected value of the bet. If the value is positive, it is a BACK situation, on the opposite if the value is negative it is a LAY situation.
Game Status: This is the status of the game. It can take 5 different values: PENDING (when the game is not yet scanned), SCANNED (when the game is scanned), MISSED (when the bot was not able to scan the market is it was suspended for example), IN-PLAY (when the game is in-play AND a bet has been placed OR if the “Live scores (non-betting games)” option is enabled), and FINISHED (when the game is finished).
Comment (if no bet): This column is only filled in if no bet has been placed on the game. It explains in a few words why the bot skipped the game (mainly settings not matched).
Bet?: A red cross means that no bet has been placed, a green tick means that a bet has been placed on the game. When the game is not yet scanned, there is nothing in this column.
Bet Reference: This is the Betfair reference of the bet placed on the game.
Bet Type: This is the type of the bet placed: BACK or LAY.
Unit: This is the number of units that have been placed by the bot on the game.
Stake: This is the amount of money placed by the bet. Stake is the result of the calculation: Unit (column) x 1 Unit (settings field).
Bet Status: This is the status of the bet. It can take 5 different values: UNMATCHED (when the bet is not matched), MATCHES (when the bet is fully matched), P. MATCHED (when the bet is partially matched), CANCELLED (when the bet has been cancelled, it happens when the bet is not matched before half-time, in this case the bot cancel the bet), and VOID (when the bet game is void, if the game is postponed for example).
Score: This is score of the game. It is updated in live during the game, except if the game is not monitored by our the third party application we use for the live scores, in this case N/A is displayed (for Not Available). When a bet is placed, the score is green if you are winning the bet or red if you are losing. Live scores are updated every minute.
Time: This is the live game time in minutes. “HT” means “Half-Time” and “FT” means “Full-Time”.
Res.: This is the result of the bet, “W” for Won or “L” for Lost.
P/L Net: This is the amount won or lost when a bet is placed and the game is finished.