Installing and Registering BT Draw

Launch the setup file and follow the instructions as they appear to complete the installation.

If you have Windows 8/10, the execution of the installation may be blocked by your operating system.
To bypass this issue, you need to unlock the file:
Right-click the file
Click “Properties”
Go to the “General” tab
Click on “Unlock file”
Click OK
Re-execute the file

To launch BT Draw double-click on the shortcut that should have been created on your desktop.

As this is the first run of the application, you will be asked to register it.

In order to unlock and register your TSM License an Internet Connection is Required.

BT Draw - Software Activation
BT Draw – Software Activation

The serial number is already filled, you just have to enter your first name and your last name, and then click on the link “clicking here”.

A new window from your messaging application will open, containing all the information we need to send you the activation key.

Send the message. As soon as we can, we will send you a message containing the Activation Key. Copy/paste it in the “Activation Key” field, and click on “Validate“.

You can now use the application, enjoy it!