General Settings

BT Draw - General Settings
BT Draw – General Settings

When BT Draw reads the odds of the different markets and places the appropriate bets, it communicates with the Betting Assistant which executes these orders in a specific tab. By default, this is the first tab, but if you are already using the first tab (to bet manually or with another bot), then you must specify another tab that only BT Draw will use.

The back/lay offset parameters are very important as they can significantly influence the way bets are placed. We strongly recommend you to set the back offset to 0 or a negative value to have high chance of the bet being matched. The odds of the back selection will naturally drops (if no goals are scored), so if you set a back offset to a value greater than 0, it will probably never be matched except if a team scores a goal. All unmatched bets are cancelled by the bot at half-time.

For lay bets, if you set the lay offset to 0, the bot will place the bet at the back price. If you set it to 1, it will place it one tick above the back price, which should be the lay price if the market is consistent. You can also set a negative value to get a better odds, it will take mor etime to be matched but in case of a loss, you will lose less money.