Global Interface

Let’s explain a little how it works:

The bot takes 3 different snapshots of the market using the defined time intervals in seconds before the advertised starting time. Bets are fired off at the last reading which by default, should always be set between 5 to 15 seconds before the off.

The main screen automatically displays the current race and automatically moves to the next race after the advertised starting time has passed (if the option “Automatically scroll to the next” race is ticked).

The rating order for the displayed race will update once the last read is performed and it will list any qualifiers in rating order. This display will stay there until the next race fires off. A yellow dot will appear next to system bets. A red dot means that the bet is not placed due to other conditions (minimum market volume not reached, etc.); you can identify the reason why no bet has been placed by hovering the “Status” column of a race (available only if at least one selection has a red dot). The ratings box can help you decide on selections if you indulge in exotic betting like forecast and trifectas.

Orange circles:

1: Configuring the General Settings of the bot is the first thing you have to do.
2: Betting Systems: you must select one of the 5 pre-installed systems (or the one you created) before downloading the races.
3: Import Today’s Races: click on this button to download the day’s races (in fact the races over the next 24 hours). You don’t have to repeat this step everyday if you have configured the bot to automatically download the races (General Settings).
4: Green circle: Test Mode is On; Red circle: Test Mode is Off.
5: START: Click here to turn on the bot and to start scanning the markets (and place bets).
6: STOP: Click here to turn off the bot. No more scans will be executed. Results will no longer be downloaded as well.
7: Click Help to open the User Manual Help.
8: The Tech. Support menu is useful to transmit any issue (with the log /data files) to the Technical Support.
9: Turn ON/OFF the sounds. If the option is turned on, a sound will be played each time a bet is placed or a bet result is known.
10: Click here to exit the software

Green circles:

1: Table of all the races that will be scanned by the bot. The next race off and the countdown until the start of the race are displayed above the table. You can unselect/select any race.
2: When you select a race in the previous table, the runners of this race are displayed in this table with all the data scanned by the bot: selection’s volume, odds, different ratings, etc.
3: Today’s Score Board, number of races, number of bets, current trailing stop loss, etc. By clicking on the icon , you will reset these counters.
4: This is the table where is displayed the “Rating Order” of the selected race (once all the readings are done).
5: A brief summary of the current system used is displayed above the races table.

IMPORTING TIPS (part 2 green circle)

You can import your own selections or the tips of your favourite tipster into G2M. These selections will be automatically included in the betting selections when placing bets, without taking into account their ratings.

2 different ways to import your selections into G2M:

  • Manually by ticking/unticking the box near the dog name
  • Automatically from a text file by clicking the white arrow near the “Dog Name“ column

All you need to do is make a list of these selections’ names, exactly as they are called at BetFair including the trap number, and put one name on each line in a simple text file as below:

4. Coolhands Woo
3. Swift Cerberus
5. Winter Soldier

Tick “Unselect races without tips” if you want to automatically disable races without tips.