Welcome to G2M

The Windows Application is developed by BETTINGDEV.

G2M is fully automated software that uses the COM interface of Betting Assistant (Gruss Software*) to scan the UK/AUS/NZL Greyhound markets on Betfair and to place bets according to the betting system selected by the user.

Bets can be placed in real mode (with real money) or in test mode to improve without any risk your systems.

G2M is delivered with a Betting System Management that allows you either to select pre-installed systems. We provide some suggested settings (6 systems included) with G2M, but you will also have fun developing your own systems with our test mode!

We would encourage you to start off with the Paper Trading mode until you become more experienced.

Once the systems have been setup, just turn on the bot and enjoy it!

Please take a moment to read all sections of the documentation which will explain how to use all the features of the program.

*Gruss Software is approved Betfair API Vendors meaning that the software is technically compliant and licensed with Betfair.