GoodBet HR – Premium version

Get everyday all the UK/IRE races automatically into GoodBet HR Premium: everything is filled for you!

You do not have to waste hours of your valuable time MANUALLY entering all the data into GoodBet HR. Stop to answer to all questions of GoodBet HR in manual mode!

Any cost/benefit analysis will tell you there is more fun and return from focusing on where the winners are! Premium members get access to specific information like pace and top speed rating of each horse, DOB possibilities, and miles travelled by the trainer.

When the races of the day are available, a message is flashing in green (see screenshot below). Just click on it and all the data of the day will be downloaded into the database.

Subject to technical or other gremlins, we aim to release data files between 7 and 9 am (UK time). We are trying to balance between providing the most accurate data in relation to going, trainers and horses while also giving you the earliest possible access to the data, allowing you time to fit working out your strategies with the rest of what goes on in your world.
Under “software functions” you will see the full functionality of GoodBet HR Premium which does much, much more than answer the basic questions we have been looking at above.

+ Getting all the UK/IRE results after the end of the racing day from 22.30 pm (UK time) >> Accessible via the Advanced Menu

+ Getting the Betfair historical data of the day before >> BFSP win/place, IP Min/Max, PP Min/Max, Morning volumes, PP Vol, Morning/PP Vol %. >> Automatically downloaded when updating the database each morning.

+ Getting non-runners updated in live >> The software updates every 2 minutes the list of non-runners (useful when applying our Speed Rating System for example).

+ Full database >> More than one year of data: race history since 1st May 2018.

+ Profitable systems developed by our analysts >> Our goal is to give you different ways to take advantage of GoodBet without you having to analyze the data, which saves you a lot of time and money.