That is THE question

Now that you have the tools and the knowledge to find the most likely chances in a race, you end up with the board that gives you a horse to bet at the top of the rankings. But is this a selection you should bet on?

There are several possibilities:

  • The first horse in the ranking has all the validated criteria, so his level is
    • This is a Top Selection.
    • You can bet on the horse to WIN the race or use him as a BANKER in a FORECAST/TRICAST bet for example. You can also include him in an ACCUMULATOR as well.
  • Both first AND second horses in the ranking have all the validated criteria
    • These are Top Selections.
    • You can bet on both horses to WIN the race or place a FORECAST bet. You can also use them as BANKERS in a TRICAST bet for examp
  • The first horse has a few invalidated criteria, his level is
    • This is a Very Good Selection.
    • An EACH WAY bet is the best solution for this type of selection.
  • The first horse has some invalidated criteria, his level is
    • This is a Good Selection.
    • Only bet on him TO BE PLACED.
  • The level of the first horse is equal or less than
    • This is a selection To Avoid.
    • No bet situation.

The way you bet is down to you. For example, you can decide to only bet on a selection if the second selection has more than 2 points less than the 1st selection or you can bet on the Favourite only if it is a Top Selection.

We advise you not to bet too many horses per day.

Remember: one of the most useful skills in betting is to work to preserve your bank, ready for sound bets, rather than chase winners!

If you only wish to bet a few horses each week, the most profitable way to use GoodBet is to only bet on Top Selections. However if you prefer to have more action, use the way to bet as described above.

Last, but not least, if you are not sure about a selection, DO NOT BET!