Manual or automatic entry mode

GoodBet can be used in manual or automatic entry mode.

In automatic entry mode (only UK/IRE races), you need to subscribe to GOODBET PREMIUM. Then, you simply download today’s races with all the data already filled.

In manual mode, it can be used in various ways. Of course you can study all the horses of each race but most people find this job long and tedious and, in any case, we all lead busy lives. That’s why we advise that, while you can make your own selections, it is also valuable to use the tips of your favourite newspaper or website because, in general, horse consultants are a reliable source of information.
Remember: these are not selections but pre-selections to be analysed in depth through GoodBet.

It is from these pre-selections that you will refine your selections, applying the study of fundamentals as would a real expert, with logical criteria.

Most newspapers or websites offer 1 to 3 selections, but this is your decision: you may choose to use the first 6 or 7 horses of the Betting Forecast, which are the best theoretical chances of the race.

Now that you have the best selections for today’s races, you will use GoodBet to validate or invalidate each one.

With GoodBet Horse Racing Edition, you can study all types of races: Flat, Jump or Harness. Each one has its own selection criteria (from 14 to 18) which we will detail in the next chapter.

Here’s a brief outline: the first thing you need to do when you run GoodBet is to choose the type of race. Then fill in the date, the race (Track and race name for example). You have the choice between studying a horse (useful if you only want to test a single selection, your NAP bet, for example) or several horses.

Then for each horse you must answer the different questions (by ticking yes or no – One horse option – or ticking the check box if the answer is yes – Several horses option -). GoodBet calculates the points of each horse and establishes a ranking. The more points the horse has, the better the selection. Be aware that, in the event of a tie, GoodBet gives the favour to the highest ranked horse in the summary that you have previously entered.

We will see later how to bet from the results obtained.

Now that you have an overview of the methodology, we will review all the selection criteria in detail.