Main Screen

Using GoodBet is really very simple. If you are a subscriber of the GoodBet Premium, all the following information is filled automatically when you download the races of the day. If not, basically, you enter a race and type the horse names, then you answer all the questions for each of them. To be more efficient, we advise you not to take into account all the runners of a race, but for example take the first 6 horses from the Forecast of your favourite horse racing website.

Here is below the main screen of the software:

Now let’s explain a little how it works:

  1. Enter the race name.
  2. Select to study several horses or only one – Let’s take as an example that you select the first option.
  3. Click in the first column “Horse” to enter the name of the first horse.
  4. The next columns are the criteria that must be checked for each horse you entered. Click in the tick box of these columns when the criterion is validated.
    You will notice that by hovering over the column heading of the first table on the left, a tooltip appears, describing the concerned criterion.
  5. Click on Add Horse to add another horse. While you enter the data, GoodBet generates automatically the ranking of the horses in the table on the right.
  6. Don’t forget to save the race with all the data you entered.
  7. After that, following the level of the horses, you can decide to select a horse for your betting purpose of the day. If so, click on the column Sel. in the Ranking table.
  8. Then click on Add to Bet Slip (or use the keyboard shortcut [F12]) to keep the selection in your Bet Slip.
  9. Use the button called Select All to select all the runners in one-click. You can add all the selections you want, from any race of any type, and then you can print or export them to CSV or Excel. Very useful when comes time to place your bets with your favourite bookmaker or automatically on the Betting Exchange (you can import the selections in your Betting Bot like TheBetEngine).
  10. Finally, click “Bet Slip” to export the selections into a CSV file.
  1. At the end of the race, if you wish you can to enter the result of the horses or subscribe to GOODBET ADVANCED/PREMIUM to download them automatically at the end of the racing day, to keep a record of all your bets in order to analyse later.
  2. To make it even easier, we have added a button to auto-import pre-selections into the bet slip like “TOP SPEED SELECTIONS”.
  3. You can also print or export the race (PDF format) – click on “Print Race” and use the drop down menus to suit your needs.