Using GoodBet to Load and Analyse Races*

You know that GoodBet is a great betting tool but the best bettors don’t just win – they learn from their wins and losses. GoodBet is also a great research and development tool that will help you develop, review and refine your strategies by allowing you to go back on previous races. Here’s how.

Click on the race type you are interested in and launch GoodBet as normal. Then load the races* using either the blue “Load Races” or one of the First/Last buttons.

The “Load Races” button will bring up a blank race card with a down arrow under “Race Date”. Clicking this arrow will bring up a calendar. Scroll on the calendar to find and click on the date you are interested in and there you are! Click “OK” and, as normal, you can open up any or all of the races you are interested in by clicking on the Right or Left arrows. Not only that, by clicking far enough on the left arrow you will move to the day before or, for the day after, click far enough on the right button.

Alternatively, clicking on the First or Last buttons will load the first races you accessed on GoodBet or the most recent, then you scroll from there with the Left/Right arrows through to where you want to go.

* Note: “Races” refers to races you have downloaded. For example, if you have downloaded the first couple of weeks in a particular month but, for whatever reason, missed out on the middle week-end, you will be able to access all the days downloaded but not the dated you missed (say, Saturday and Sunday, the 8th and 9th).

With practice, you will find this software very useful to compare horses, especially good favourites and fake favourites.

Never forget that in order to be a winner, you have to be logical and rigorous, and with GoodBet Horse Racing Edition you have THE PERFECT tool.