Global Interface – Main Screen

Main screen of HR BACK2LAY
Main screen of HR BACK2LAY

You can see above the main interface of HRB2L. This is where is displayed the data you will use to prepare your DOBs, and other bets of the day.

Let’s explain more in details how it works.

HRB2L Menu
HRB2L Menu

The upper part of the software corresponds, on the one hand (upper part), to the Betfair database which contains the history of the in-play data of each horse, and on the other hand (lower part), to the internal database of the software which contains all the data of the races and runners (event name, horse name/age/form, etc). Both databases are updated daily and automatically around 7:00 am (UK time).

Analyze data from:

This is an essential data, which will indicate to the software the period on which it should base its statistics and generate its predictions. For example, the Bet On All Tips configuration that comes with the software, performs very well using data from the last 2 years (producing a profit of +£503 from 31/10/2021 to 05/11/2021). But using the in-play data from the last 3 years, the profit is then much better and reaches £692 over these same 6 days (we will give you more details later in this manual).

First race/Last Race:

These are the dates of the first and last race of the internal database. In case the race has not been updated automatically, you can do it manually by clicking on the adjacent button.

Last Result:

This is the date of the last race results used to calculate the profit/loss of each bet.

Select a date:

Automatically filled with the current date when the software opens, you can click on the calendar button to choose another date in order to view the races and selections of previous days.

Races and Horses:

Number of races and horses corresponding to the selected date.

Load, Save and Del. buttons:

These buttons are used for the configuration administration. When you launch the software, the criteria and filters last used are automatically selected, however if you wish to generate predictions based on different configurations, you will need to use the configurations module which allows you to select a specific configuration by a single click. You can load, save and delete the current configuration.

Backtesting button:

This feature, which is generally very popular with users, allows you to test the current settings (saved or not) on the entire internal database and thus calculate whether or not your selections are profitable.

Search button:

A simple click on this button will display all the horses filtered according to the parameters you have selected. HR B2L uses the Betfair Historical Data to analyze and calculate all the statistics of the table.

The 3 buttons on the left side:

  • Help This button gives you access to online help, technical support and updates.
  • General Settings This button opens the HR B2L global settings window
  • Calculator Clicking this button will launch the HRB2L calculator to calculate the odds and stakes of your DOB/TROB and other bets (useful if you are betting manually on Betfair or if you wish to use your own stakes).