Other Modules

  1. Help Menu

You can access the Help menu by clicking the button Help Menu.

The Help Menu give you access to:

  • This online User Guide,
  • The Bug Report module,
  • The Updates module.

The bug report module must be used each time you face an issue or you need help about the configuration of the bot.

Bug Report
Bug Report

You simply need to describe your issue, attach a file like a screenshot if needed, enter your email, and last but not least, tick the option Include data/debugging files before to send the message.

The updates module lists the bug fixes of the different updates and give you access to the download link of the latest version of the software.


2. Settings Menu

You can access the General Settings menu by clicking the button .

General Settings
General Settings

It consists of 4 parts.

The 1st part, Database, allows you to optimise or delete the database. By clicking on OPTIMIZE, the indexes of the main files will be regenerated, thus increasing the speed of the various processes. By default, this optimization is done automatically every 7 days, but if you notice a slowdown in performance, it may be useful to launch this module.

The 2nd part, Betfair Historical Data, allows you to change the maximum odds used to calculate the various HRB2L statistics. What does this mean? Well, in order to calculate for example the DOB percentage of a horse, the software looks at all the races of that horse over the desired period and calculates the number of DOBs achieved by the horse.
By default the maximum odds are 1000, so all races are taken into account in this calculation. By changing this value to 20 for example, only the races for which the Betfair SP odds were 20 or less are taken into account. This often changes the result of the calculations considerably, so we do not recommend changing this criterion to inexperienced users.

The 3rd part, Stake and Profit/Loss Calculations, allows you to specify the method of calculating betting stakes: Kelly Stake (variable stakes with Kelly criterion) or Fixed Stake. Fixed stake is also used to calculate the profit/loss of the different columns of the main table, so even if you choose Kelly Stake, you will have to enter a fixed stake (usually 1% of your bankroll). The Betfair commission must be filled as well as it is used to calculate the profit/loss column.

Kelly criterion is a mathematical formula for bet sizing, it is designed to maximize the growth of your bank-roll over the long term, by determining the optimal stake on a bet.

This brings us to the 4th part, which are the parameters for performing the Kelly calculations. If you choose Kelly Stake as the bet tip stake, you must enter your Betfair bankroll. You don’t have to change this amount every day, but if you increase the amount, your bets will also increase. We advise you to update it once a week or month, or when you have doubled your bankroll for example.
As for the Divisor, it will be applied to the Kelly bet calculated by HRB2L in order to reduce the bets. The larger the divisor, the smaller the bets. By default, the divisor value is 2.

3. Calculator Tool

You can access the Calculator tool by clicking the button Calculator button.

DOB Calculator
DOB Calculator

This is a very useful tool if you place your bets (lay) manually on Betfair. It allows you to calculate the lay bet for any type of bet: DOB, TROB, HDOB, BEST, AVGP, DEVP, AVGT, DEVT.

For DOB, TROB and HDOB, you only need to enter the initial back odds and the stake, then click Calculate. You will then immediately get the odds and the stake of your lay bet.
For Best, AVGP and DEVP, you will also have to enter the percentage, and the number of ticks for AVGT and DEVT. This data can be found in the main table (ALL RACES columns). For example, if you select Best, the value to enter (%) is the value of the column Best.

All calculations take into account the Betfair commission.

4. Backtesting module

You can access the Backtesting module by clicking the button Backtesting module.

Backtesting configuration
Backtesting configuration

The BACKTESTING module allows you to test your configurations on the entire Internal Horse Racing Database which is growing daily or on a given period of time, to analyse the results and thus check whether or not your configuration can be profitable on the long term. This is an essential tool before to move on to the next step which is to place bets with real money.

There are 3 staking plans available.

You can uncheck them all, and in this case HRB2L will use the amounts displayed in the Stake columns based on the Bet Tip Stake you have selected in the General Settings.
The 1st staking plan is a Simple Recovery staking plan. The aim of this staking plan is to recover any previous losses over the next bet.
The 2nd staking plan is a Stop At a Winner (SAW) staking plan. As the 1st one, this is a recovery staking plan, but the difference is that it stops betting after the first winner.
The 3rd staking plan is a sequence based staking plan (1-2-3). It is especially designed for short prices, so this is a useful system for DOB or HDOB because as you know betting on DOB is like placing evens bets. This staking plan must be used only when selecting Fixed Stake as the Bet Tip Stake.

Here is how 1-2-3+ Staking Plan works:

  • It bets 1, 2, 3 or more points (until the Maximum Steps value).
  • If a winner is found at the second bet it continues the 2-point stake until the winning run breaks, then it drops to 1, 2, 3+.
  • If the winner is found at the third stake it continues 3-point stake, dropping back as before to 1, 2, 3+.
  • If a winner is found at the first stake, it continues in 1-point bets, increasing to 1, 2, 3+ as required.
  • If no winner is found by the last step (Maximum Steps value), it drops back to 1, 2, 3+ and it continues as before.

This method prevents bettors from getting into deep water, but brings out a nice profit when winning runs come along. Note that the 3rd staking plan is not included in the trigger for the moment.

Once the process is complete, the button Graph allowing you to access the graph and table, which summarises all the bets corresponding to your configuration, is unlocked.

The graph displays the daily results of your configuration. You can see the result of a particular day by hovering over the graph with your mouse.

Backtesting - Graph
Backtesting – Graph

The table below lists all the bets selected by the current configuration. Various statistics are included, such as the very useful Max Liab. (Maximum liability) which represents the maximum stake placed on a bet during the studied period. The results can be printed or exported to Excel.

Backtesting - Table
Backtesting – Table

The new Stat Attach module allows you to see at a glance which criteria are profitable and what their success rate is.

Stat Attack module
Stat Attack module

It is not a question of simply deleting all the red criteria in order to obtain an excellent winning strategy. Most of the criteria are interconnected and changing one criterion may affect the profitability of others. For example, if you remove the jump races, the profit and loss of the selected countries (UK/IRE) will be different (for better or worse).

So you need to look at the figures to see how you can improve your strategy. You should then remove or change the criteria one by one and backtest again after each change.