Malbot is a software that regularly evolves. This is especially the case for the systems studied by the author.

The 29 pre-installed systems of the bots have much better results without the JUMP races. So if you are using these systems, we highly advise you to exclude all the JUMP races.

Some of you asked us how and when to download the races?

The author loads twice a day the races. This is to say, UK/IRE/USA/RSA and AUS races separately. Why? Because if you load UK/IRE/USA/RSA/AUS races in one time and if the stop-loss is activated during UK/IRE/USA/RSA races for example, then the bot will not bet on AUS races.

This is not what we want. By loading the AUS races, the bot will reset the stop-loss and the bot will be able to bet again.

With the current version, you have to load UK/IRE/USA/RSA races once AUS races are finished, and AUS races once UK/IRE races are finished. Of course, if you do not want to bet in AUS races, all of this is not necessary.