Alerts in detail

Spikey was originally built to detect spikes to find fixed games, that mainly come from lowest leagues. Alerts #2 and #5 were the most used. Alert #5 is one of the systems with the highest number of alerts. The way to use this type of alerts is described in the part “How does Spikey work?“.

The alerts #1 are used to detect highly traded selections (mostly before off). You can back (if the odds is dropping) or lay (if the odds is drifting) them or even trade them knowing that the odds will certainly continue if this direction.

There are many different ways how to place bets with the alerts, it depends on the game/market, etc. For example, you can back an alert #2 hoping that the odds will drop because this is a good value, and then lay it when you are happy with your profit. But you can also lay it because we can imagine that if so many people bet on it and the odds still high, this could mean that they “know” the selection will lose.

Alerts #3 can be backed on the bookmakers, because the odds are often already too low while they are still very high with the bookmakers. Then, either you let the bet as it is hoping for a very good return, or you lay it at the same time on the exchange to make a profit whatever the result.

Finally, alerts #4 are often used inplay to detect an imminent quick change in the market (a goal for example, or a red card, etc).

See explanations below regarding the different columns of Spikey:

1 – % Mkt is the percentage of the Biggest Volume compared to the Market Volume.

e.g. If the “Over/Under 4.5 Goals” market volume is 11,986 and the Biggest Volume in the “Over/Under 4.5 Goals” market is “Under 4.5 Goals” with a volume equal to 10,918 then the % Mkt is equal to: 10,918 x 100 / 11,986 = 91%

2 – % M/O is the percentage of the Biggest Volume of a market compared to the Market Volume of the Match Odds market.

We compared the Biggest Volume in the “Over/Under 4.5 Goals” market to the volume of the “Match Odds” market. e.g. The market volume of the “Match Odds” market is 28,064, then the % M/O is equal to: 10,918 x 100 / 28,064 = 38.9%

3 – Calc. Price is the estimated price of the selection calculated according to the volume matched for this selection.

e.g. The current price (Back Price) of the “Under 4.5 Goals” is 1.10. The Calculated price is equal to 100 divided by % Mkt: 100 / 91 = 1.10

4 – Back Price is the current back price of the selection.

e.g. The current price (Back Price) of the “Under 4.5 Goals” is 1.10

5 – Price Diff. is the difference in percentage between Calc. Price (3) and Back Price (4).

6 & 7 – Spike Volume is the biggest volume matched on a single price (Spike Odds) in the market.

e.g. If we have a Spike Volume of 2,638 at odds of 1.12, this means that the biggest amount of money matched in the “Over/Under 4.5 Goals” market was at the odds 1.12, where 2,638 have been matched.