Spikey Features

Global Interface

Below are detailed all the buttons of the interface.
Note that, when you use the bot for the first time, you MUST setup the bot (buttons from 4 to 8), before starting using it (buttons 1 to 3).

Spikey Global interface
  1. Import today’s games from Betfair, with the markets you have selected in Markets menu (button 5).
  2. Turn on the bot. Once you clicked on it, the bot will start scanning the markets.
  3. Turn off the bot. No more scan will be achieved.
  4. Open the window to setup the countries to be scanned by the bot.
  5. Open the window to setup the markets to be scanned by the bot.
  6. Open the window to setup the strategies to apply.
  7. Open the window to configure the E-Mail account to send the alerts.
  8. Open the window to setup the performance of the bot.
  9. Open the window to select the Gruss tab to perform the scanning process (by default tab 1).
  10. Open the User Manual.
  11. Close the application.

If you need to use a proxy server or your location requires that you use a proxy server then you can enter the credentials here. In most cases you will not need to enter these details and should leave the option unticked.




5 different tabs to configure each strategy. You can enable/disable any of them.


Configure the emails is very easy as you have to enter the email address where you want to receive the alerts. By default, the alerts are sent using our own SMTP server, but of course you can use your own settings.

Settings – Betting Assistant

What is a Betting Assistant (Gruss Software) page?


You can select the scanning method that suits you and you can also set bot to auto-import the games at a pre-defined time. You can also import HT/FT markets of the next 7 days, which is useful for the third strategy. The “Save List of Games” button is used to save the games, so that if you need to close the application and re-open it later, you will not need to re-import the games.

Quick Start

Now that you have setup the application, you can import the games of the day by clicking “import Today’s Games”.

Then, the games appear in the table (« Live Feed » tab):

You can now launch the scanner by clicking on “TURN ON”. After the scan, the data for each game can be viewed in the 2nd table named “Markets of the selected game”: