Frequently Asked Questions

SS2 Pro – F.A.Q

Can I manually select my own football games to do my strategies?

Yes, you can do it with “Schedule Games” module.

Can you help set up my chosen strategies if I dont know how to do them?

Sure, we can help you to set up your strategies. When you need help just contact us and ask us.

I have an issue when I launch my bot

If you have any issue when launching the software, follow these steps:

Close the bot,
Download Microsoft Visual C++ 2010 Redistribuable Package (x86) here and launch it,
Select “Install” or “Repair”,
Relaunch the bot.

How to ask for my product key?

Once the bot is installed, you can ask for the product key through the bot or you can send us your first, last names and ID number you have registered at

Find out more here!

I have the following message when using SS2 Pro: “The bot cannot retrieve Inplaytrading data!”

This happens in two different cases:

  • If you have some problems with the .NET Framework, in this case the best solution is to execute this tool from Microsoft to try to repair it:
    After that, reboot your computer and follow the step 3, then relaunch the bot.
  • If you are connected more than twice to IPT data.
    This happens if you are using SS2Pro, and if you are also connected twice to Inplaytrading website (from the same computer or any other devices like a tablet or a smartphone.
    In this case, the bot will be disconnected from IPT, and it will no longer work until you turn it off and then turn it on again.

Each time I open SS2 Pro, it asks for the Software Key

You must install Microsoft Visual C++ 2010 Redistributable Package (x86).
If you still have the same issue, this means that the .ini file of SS2 Pro is probably corrupted. In this case, simply delete the file named “supervisor.ini” that you will find in the folder:
Note that the folder “AppData” is a hidden folder. Also if you are using SS2 Pro on your own computer, the folder “Administrator“ could be different.

When I turn on the bot, no games are displayed AND the schedules games table is empty.

Close the bot and download Microsoft Visual C++ 2010 Redistributable Package (x86) from this link and install the package.
Then restart the bot and try again.

After having installed SS2 Pro, when I try to launch the application, it crashes immediately.

This is due to the fact that you have not installed Betting Assistant. Betting Assistant must be installed before to launch SS2 Pro, and Betting Assistant must be launched before to turn on the bot.

When I execute the installation file, nothing happens!

Windows 7 and 8 could block the execution of the installation as the file comes from Internet.
To bypass this issue, you need to unlock the file:
Right-click the file
Click “Properties”
Go to the “General” tab
Click on “Unlock file”
Click OK
Re-execute the installation file.

When I try to send the request for the activation key, nothing happens!

If you face any problems by sending the request, just open a ticket with the data displayed on the software activation window (first/last names, serial number).

My computer is freezing when I use Soccer Supervisor 2 Pro

This could be due to your computer configuration, please make sure that you have all the system requirements.

Generally speaking, for a better use of the bot we advise the use of our UK VPS.

A VPS will ensure a best internet connection (fastest, no interruption, etc), and most of the time a powerful configuration. Also, using a VPS means that you no longer need to keep your computer turned on 24 hours a day!

For the previous reasons, we strongly advise against using a laptop to use your Bot!

How many computers can I install my Bot on?

You can install and run the bot on 1 computer at any one time.

One licence = One computer

I would like to run SS2 Pro 24 hours a day, 7 days a week but I don’t want to leave my computer on all the day, do you have a solution for me?

Yes, Bettingdev UK VPS allow you to keep running SS2 Pro on our virtual servers from anywhere in the world. Everything is configured and installed by our technical staff.
Find out more here.

How to contact the Technical Support?

  • If you want to report a bug, the best way is to click on the button “?” in SS2 Pro, then select “Contact the Technical Support”. A windows opens, enter your message, attach a screenshot if necessary, and select the options “Debugging files”, “Settings file” and others like “Strategies file” if your issue is linked to a specific strategy for example.
  • If you have a technical questions about the bot, the fastest way is to post a message in our forum here.

Is there a forum where I can communicate with other users?

Yes, if you need advices for strategies (help from other users) follow this link.
And you can also post your suggestions by following this link.