Strategies – Control Panel

Many betting soccer bots claim to have easy settings, but leave you dealing with several non-intuitive and useless functions. Who wants to do that? We sure don’t. SS2 PRO truly offers a quick, easy and awesome soccer strategy management!

This is one of the biggest features of the bot: managing entirely your strategies with over 150 criteria!

It allows you to create, modify, delete, or duplicate a strategy.

21 Strategies ready-to-use are pre-installed. These strategies are from InPlayTrading website (Help section), you can modify or delete them if you want. In case you want to re-install them, simply click on “re-install built-in strats”.

You can activate as many strategies you want, there is no real limitation. However, you should be aware that, the more strategies you select, the more the bot will take time to verify the games.

The bet placement system of SS2 Pro has been highly improved, allowing placing several bets at the same time without having to wait for the delay imposed by Betfair before to place the next bet.

And the big PLUS: The TEST MODE!

Major feature requested, Soccer Supervisor 2 Pro is now enriched with a revolutionary test mode!

Far from being a simple test mode, you can choose to launch each of your strategies in test mode or real mode independently at the same time!

Select in the control panel the way you want to operate each strategy: Real or Test mode in one click. Very easy!