Strategies – How to create a Strategy?

Creating a strategy is very simple and very fast with our easy-to-use Strategy Editor!

We have completely rebuilt the Strategy Editor, which is more powerful than ever! You can now apply several actions to your strategy: this means that you can tell SS2 Pro to place several series of bets during a game according to different conditions. We also have more than doubled the number of bet/game criteria!

To give you a quick view how this is so simple to create your own strategies, let’s take a look together to the strategy “Strat C” from InplayTrading website:

4 SOT or more first 20 mins – Back Over 1.5 (or Lay Under 1.5) and green when goal is scored. 0-0s or late goal will result in a losing trade.”

First, click on the button “Add” to enter in creation mode. The first step consists to enter the global definition of the strategy, like in the screenshot below:

After that, we have to enter the action of the strategy:

All done! You have created your first strategy. Easy, isn’t it?

By default the Test Mode is assigned to the new strategy. Note that the new strategy is also disabled by default.