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The purpose of this part of forum is to share your experience, your thoughts and help one another get to know and understand GoodBet better and in general, to help each other make the most of this awesome software and its Daily Races Service. Please use the appropriate category.

There are several ways to use GoodBet’s ratings, as an example of how we are developing this system, we are testing a DOB system and will share it (after tests and improvements). There are so many ways in which GoodBet can be sued, we are very interested in how you use it and your suggestions for further development. Please feel free to post your thoughts here.

As a reminder: GOODBET “Horse Racing Edition” is a great ratings system for horse racing allowing you to estimate the real chance of each runner of a race according to logical criteria.

You can use it in any country, on any race type: flat, jump or even harness racing. GoodBet (Horse Racing Edition) can stand alone: NO need a Betfair account, NO need another third party.

GoodBet is a new and exclusive concept software. From your own selections, tipster’ selections, betting forecast, best horses of the day or full race GoodBet will extract the best opportunities for you thanks to its great rating system.

How does it work? In manual entry mode, you simply have to fill the different criteria for the horses by ticking the check box if the answer is yes and for each question. But to not have to waste hours of your valuable time manually entering data into GoodBet, subscribe to our Daily Races Service to get every day all the UK/IRE races with all the data automatically filled for the ridiculous price of £9.99/month.


1. Please keep your posts GoodBet related.

2. Anyone posting unrelated advertising content will have their post deleted AND they will be banned permanently from the forum, WITHOUT WARNING. Affiliate links and solicitations to others forum etc might get away with just being deleted, but only the first time. Second time offenders will be summarily deleted and banned.

4. Do NOT ask people who post issues to privately message you to help them. We don’t provide any technical support there. If you have an issue please contact us through GoodBet with the button “?”, then select “Contact Technical Support”, enter your e-mail and click on "Send Message".

5. This is not a place to discuss other betting software. We are all fans of GoodBet here, and if you have a problem with it, or a complaint to make, contact us or wherever else you want, but don't post your complaints here (within reason of course, a little grumbling might be tolerated ) But only a little :-)!

6.) Personal attacks will NOT be tolerated! WE RESPECT EACH OTHER AS BETTOR COLLEAGUES AND FELLOW PLAYERS. If you verbally attack another individual on the forum, or just can't keep a civil or polite tongue in your head, be warned. We are a friendly COMMUNITY help and guidance group, and will not put up with obscenity, rudeness or incivility.

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