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[Solved] NO BET REF and Canceled bets

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Hello Staff,

I am running a lot of strategies with real money with very low stakes just to collect odds and test ideas and i've noticed that while the over is almost always matched for the equivalent under i've a lot of NO BET REF or canceled bets.

Of course I guess that's because odds moved too fast in the under direction for the bot to react in a timely fashion.

In my settings I've the ticks option at 6 and I guess I do not want to take odds worser than that.

I am wondering: how often does the bot check the odds?

As I tournaround, If i disable some additional markets like U/O 8,5 & U/O 7,5 which are rarely needed, will the bot check current odds more frequently?

Best regards,


Laurence Bettingdev
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Hi Layne,

All the odds come from IPT, and as on the IPT website, the odds are refreshed about every 10 seconds.
Disabling O/U 7.5/8.5 markets will not help the bot to check the odds more frequently especially because the bot do not retrieve the odds for these type of markets (not delivered by IPT).

CANCELLED BETS happen after a goal, or simply a dangerous free kick if you have not tick the Keep Bet option. NO BET REF does not mean that the bet has not been matched, but that there was an issue while placing the bet, certainly due to the fact that you are placing bets with very small amounts.

If you want, we can investigate further these issues. For this, we need your files. So please through the bot, click on the button “?”, then select “Contact Technical Support” and tick all the boxes, then click on "Send Message".


Laurence - Bettingdev Team

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Hello Lawrence,

thank you for your explaination, i've sent you the log files.
If you can check what is causing the NO BET REF issue (mostly on unders, rarely on overs) it would be great.



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