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Has anyone tested the pre-installed strategies on SS2 Pro for an extensive time and if so could you share the results. I have only recently purchased the software and although many of the strategies look good in theory and I am intrigued to know whether they are profitable in the long run (I assuming they are with progression).

Would be grateful if anyone could share their experiences and results.



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I have run all the strategies in real money mode for maybe a pair of months last season.
Alas, no one was profitable. Some looked promising for a a few weeks or so but in the long run they weren't.

I guess in the latest versions there are new preinstalled strategies but I haven't tested them.
I doubt they will win any money, even a legitimate good strategy that goes "public" seldom will survive because markets will adjust accordingly.

I would encourage you to design your own strategies and test them for a while in real money (with no more than "1" as stake to reduce your unavoidable losses) as odds collected in test mode are just "somewhat" correct.

If you spot something promising don't get carried away because variance is huge.
Keep stake at a minimum until you have collected enough data.
Even a serie of 500 bets with a positive ROI may easily turn negative in the next few hundreds.
So be careful.

Unfortunately a lot of patience is required.

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Hi guys,

Thanks for sharing here. For reminder, as Layne said the aim of Soccer Supervisor 2 Pro is to create your OWN strategies. Then to test them before to launch them in real mode.
For reminder, strategies ready-to-use available in the bot are these ones of IPT users.

Only study market, analisys and statistics coupled to patience and rigor can lead to the profit. It's why Soccer Supervisor has as features betting history, graphs and data analysis to help you. SS2 Pro makes the job easier.

FYI we have created a Facebook Soccer Supervisor 2 Pro Group. The purpose of this group is to help one another get to know and understand Soccer Supervisor 2 Pro better, to provide guidance as we build our own strategies with Soccer Supervisor 2 Pro and to talk in general about this awesome bot.

You are welcome to join us by clicking here!

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