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Welcome to the Bettingdev Forum! The first thing you need to know about this Forum is that this is not a typical forum where you post a question and never seen to get a response. NOT HERE! We use the Forum to make sure that a customer who purchased a Bettingdev product or register user can post a question and can get a reply within a reasonable amount of time.

Interact here with the other members of our bettors/traders community and share ideas or strategies!

We have a bunch of very satisfied customers who are impressed by our support and the affordable solutions that we offer. So, to improve our relationship and continue this level of support, we have created this Forum. We trust you can operate within the Forum rules:

1. Please post your question in the correct Forum category: For example, if your question is with Malbot Horse Racing then, logically, you should post in the Malbot category and not in the Spikey Soccer’s Forum category. Otherwise you are not talking to the right people who almost certainly will have the answer. It can also be confusing for your fellow users who are browsing the Forum to find an answer for, in this case, a Spikey Soccer issue.

2. Make the title of your post relevant to the question: Please don’t post question with general titles (which strategy is the best?). Give the guys who can provide the answers a clue. The following is good example of title so that anyone reading the title gets a good idea of what this about is about and can get straight to business: “With Malbot, which are the best settings I can use?”

If you  have a troubleshooting issue you can:

  • Open a Ticket
  • Therefore, it is a good idea to search in the Forum 
  • Search in the FAQ before you post a new issue
  • Or Post in the subforum "You need help for fixing issues?" where others users and/or Bettingdev Team will answer.


Be realistic: we sell you a product which has a list of features that we advertise on our sales page. We can only help you if it appears that one of these features doesn’t work as advertised. If you want to discuss additional features, we will talk to you about customization but, obviously, that is not a role for our Technical Support but for our Development Support. So, if you want to discuss additional features, do it in subforum "Suggestions". Of course, we do want to improve our product and customer experience, so would be interested in hearing your ideas.  😉 

4. We are very determined to keep this Forum clean and useful for our customers and registered users. We will block your Forum user account where:

– Spam ads are posted on the Forum
– Forum user access is shared with multiple users (we track IP address)
– Support resources are abused
– Terms and Conditions are violated

Thanks to all and Happy Betting!

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