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Hi Mike,

Love your blog on G2m as i have G2M & Malbot and like the software, Wanted to private message you but could not find link ??,,,,

I would like to know if you would share your excell sheet for sorting data please as i am a bit stuck trying to run code etc....

I am in the uk and still trying to make proffit on both G2m & malbot....

Hope to hear back from you sometime



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G'Day Julian

Thanks for the feedback.

I would prefer that everyone develops their own approach for a couple of reasons including that then there will be less chance of all of us ending up betting on exactly the same animals at the same time! Hope you understand why?

More than happy to guide you through developing your spreadsheet here though so we can share and everyone can benefit.

After you click on Export HIstory and save data as Excel you will end up with a file called ETAT_LBets.xls. Depending on your version of Excel it is a fairly simple process to Record a Macro to rearrange all the info into a more usable Excel database type format. I use Excel 365 so I click Developer and then Record Macro and away I go ending up with 25 columns similar to the edited sample attached to this Post. I should mention that I always have an Addin attached to Excel called ASAP Utilities and when I get stumped I revert to a Forum called Mr Excel.

I will make a start on my third G2M Blog article this week and perhaps I can cover a little more on this subject in that or a later one?

Let us all know how you are progressing so we can share thoughts and results.


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Hi mike,

Thanks for the feedback and i will have to read up some more on my excel skills.......

Looking forward to the next blogs

thanks again 


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