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G'day guys

I have had Malbot for one week and am now coming to grips with its features and abilities.

My background is generally with Australian racing only for many years. The last five years as a full time professional punter.
I run three computers and a VPS in New York, I have had many programs and databases written especially for me by some wonderful programmers from the Ukraine, Vietnam, USA, Australia, and England and for a number of years I have been using Market Feeder Pro with Triggers developed by Clint & Co here at Bettingdev. I maintain two separate databases with over 20 years of races and results and with distinct differences in capabilities.

Looking forward to Malbot becoming an important part of my punting arsenal and so far I am most impressed with the Tech Support of Laurence & Co.

My first impressions with Malbot are that it covers the important "Market Movers" aspect of racing although influenced only by the thin market of Betfair here in Australia. I am sure that with continuing tweaking of the program we can come up with a strategy to set and forget that will maintain a year round profit.

Keep winning


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Hi Mike,

Welcome there and happy punting with Malbot! Malcolm will be more than happy to talk with you.

Thank you for your suggestions.

Laurence - Bettingdev Team

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