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SS2 Pro - creating strategies without switching the bot off


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I would really like to be able to create new strategies without switching the bot off.

When i have the time to create new strategies it is at night or in the weekend, so when most football is played i have to switch the bot off and maybe miss out on plenty of opportunities.
I am not a programmer, but really can't see why it would not be possible to make a section in the software where you can create new strategies ( maybe not add them straight away) while the bot is still running.

If the problem lies in the fact that ones a strategie is created you add it straight away in your strategie list, and that is why the bot has to be switched off.

simply create a section witch allows you to create strategies, work on them without switching the bot off and keep them in a separate list called "work in progress"
And ones you finished a strategie you can find a convenient time to switch the bot off and transfer your new strategie from your work in progress list to your final strategie list witch you then can test or play for real.

This would definitely help me out.

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