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SS2 Pro - To bet when a certain scenario takes place

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I'd like to be able to bet when a certain scenario takes place.

For example, if the home team goes 1-0 up but later the game goes to 1-2, then i'd like to bet.
Or if the away team goes 0-2 up but later the game goes 2-2, then i'd like to bet.

There is no way to input this in the conditions right now.

If you are going to implement this, it would be great if you can make just one strategie for home and away team.

For example if 0-2 goes 2-2 and if 2-0 goes 2-2 bet .....
Or if 1-0 goes 1-2 and if 0-1 goes 2-1 bet .....

This will seriously reduce the amount of strategies needed

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This request feature will be added in the next release. Available before the start of the new season.

Laurence - Bettingdev Team

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