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Our Betting Tools are essential supplements to help bettors manage and plan their bets more easily, more quickly, the smart way and more automatically. There are so many betting softwares on the internet these days you can’t see the wood for the trees and it is a challenge to separate the whet from the dross. That’s why we offer to serious bettors quality betting tools that are second to none, innovative and indispensable, providing discipline and support for those who want to bet like pros.

Thanks to PROFIT SIMULATOR, you will preserve your starting bank by knowing what will be your profit on a certain target date, by managing the hoped-for percentage of earnings per day for a specific period or calculating the number of days that you will have to wait before you reach your target bank. Very useful, to guide you in your daily betting business!

Our Betting Tools are extremely easy to use with user friendly interface – Free updates and Free support.

It's really great to find tools of such quality and usefulness, and for free!
Richard S.
Professional Bettor

Our Betting Tools are what you need in your “Bettors Kit”.


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