From Setup to Success: Navigating Malbot for Profitable Betting

Today I will cover some of the things I have learned over the last 5 years or more while using the great little Bettingdev tool called Malbot for use on horse race selection and auto betting. As I have mentioned before this was developed by Bettingdev in conjunction with another Australian punter Malcolm from Queensland who has had success in tipping competitions using this tool.

This is an auto betting bot that works on horse racing with the fields loaded using the Gruss Betting Assistant software program.
Simple to setup but it does get a little confusing when it comes to setting the criteria for selection with many options available. I will provide you with a simple set of options to get Malbot users underway to making some nice profits. You can test things by Paper Trading before going live.

You will see that I turned the provided system #02 ON and after clicking the Modify button and Tab 1 I set the three Rating memory times from 1 minute to the Jump out to 8 minutes and all with Highest priority. Then going down the selection criteria I have set these wide for this example and you will gradually learn which ones to tighten as your paper trading progresses. Obviously one of the first ranges you will want to tighten is the 9 to 999 Rating Range. While this is quite wide monitor the individual Market Vol% on each of the rated horses to choose your new setting to replace my 1% setting. At one stage I did successfully only bet the top rated horse which carried more than 60% of the money invested at the 1 minute close but the infrequent qualifiers and low prices did not suit my style. The remaining settings in my example are self explanatory but you should experiment with them. Turning to Tab 2 our betting criteria, you should note that your bets will be chosen from those horses meeting the rating and other set criteria in order of Market Vol%. So, if you have four qualifiers but only a maximum of two selections set then the Bot will choose the two with the highest Vol% of money invested on them.

You will need to click Modify again for this Tab and the first thing to note are the multiple bet options provided. These will only work if your Bet Amount is sufficient to cover the Betfair minimum bet and so for paper trading it is better to run with a Bet higher than minimum rather than wonder why it is not placing your bets. The program can be used on horse races from 10 different countries all of which the Gruss Betting Assistant will accept.

Finally choose the odds that you wish your Malbot tool to place your bets on and it will show you which of the criteria you have set has been matched and which bets have been placed. Before it announces you are a “Winner” or a “Loser”.

If you wish to discuss any settings or problems then just use this Bettingdev Forum I will respond.

Meanwhile have fun and keep winning,


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Mike McBain

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