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We have previously looked at various aspects of using the original version of the Bettingdev G2M or Greyhound to Market program and with the just released news about the significantly upgraded TITANIUM version I thought it appropriate to do a review and make comments that may be of interest to a wider range of people looking at either the hobby or the business of Punting.

My name is Mike McBain, and I am a full-time professional punter living in Tasmania the small island State of Australia. I retired from travelling the world as an International Consultant to the Mining Industry over 10 years ago and what was then my hobby has now become my small home business.

I use several programs from recognised suppliers around the world and I also have several programs written for my personal use. These programs allow me to build massive databases of past form and race results and assist with selections as well as automatically placing different sized bets on selections that have qualified by meeting highly specialised criteria. The bulk of my betting is on Horse and Greyhound Racing on tracks in New Zealand, Australia, Asia, Europe, and the UK.

Bettingdev have been one of my favourite suppliers of autobot betting I have been running two copies of their G2M program for several years.

This G2M program is extremely user-friendly allowing both beginner’s and professionals to gain an advantage over the “average” punter. Obviously, the more time that you put into understanding all the criteria available and the nuances of using it the quicker you will produce regular profits and the greater your profits will be.

The Racing Industry is probably the only industry where ‘insider trading’ is allowed, and actively encouraged by providing live prices and wagering.

Owners, trainers, jockeys, and other stable personnel can provide you with an information edge above the general punting population by when they bet, how much they bet or don’t bet! Combine that with price movements caused by professional money from Bookies right through to the billion-dollar annual wagering by the Zeljko Group and there is your advantage.

(Zeljko Ranogajec is the Billion Dollar Man of betting. He is most certainly Australia’s and probably the world’s biggest gambler and strikes fear into the heart of every bookmaker. He is said to be a normal unassuming bloke, but the size of Mr Ranogajec’s betting is far from ordinary. It is believed he accounts for between 6 and 8 per cent of Tabcorp’s $10 billion Australian betting turnover – or between $600-$800 million – and bets tens of millions more with local bookmakers.)

The difficulty, of course, is trying to identify in the marketplace those clues which indicate a strong intention that a runner has a good chance.

Punting profitably can be a struggle. It’s a struggle to obtain value. And it’s a struggle against every other punter as well.

G2M provides us with the means to enjoy winning these struggles. It provides us with the ability to measure and choose a balance between Strike Rate and Profit on Turnover and most importantly it allows us to develop our own special set of criteria to identify and place bets without emotion affecting our judgement.

G2M accesses our Betfair account where we can consistently get a Value price about our selection and places our Back or Lay bet at a time we select to provide optimum profit.

With G2M we can set and record the Betfair money flows on each greyhound in the last few minutes before the race start, the change in Odds, the Rating and the Rank of each variable as well as the Track, the Trap/Box, Race Distance, Race Class and other information.

But for me the real beauty and advantage of G2M is the ability to collect all this information and then export it into an Excel Spreadsheet and determine which set of criteria best suits my Betting style and produces a steady ongoing profit. I then take that information and develop a personal system using all the available criteria on Odds, Volume, Rating and Rankings and let G2M place my bets on every qualifying Dog in every qualifying race at every qualifying Track on every qualifying Day.

The TITANIUM upgrade will provide more information, more tools, and therefore more opportunities to make money with greyhounds, making it a major advance in the world of betting!

Until the next Blog – Keep winning….Mike.

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