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Hi There!

I have been a daily user of the Bettingdev programs Malbot and G2M (Greyhound Market Movers) for around four years, and many other programs for much longer, since becoming a fulltime professional punter almost 10 years ago.

My name is Mike McBain, I live in beautiful Tasmania the island State of Australia. And I have been betting on the races for over 65 years and I have travelled the world several times visiting racetracks and playing Casino’s in many many countries.

Having said that let me clarify that punting on horse and greyhound racing is not my only source of income but punting is my primary occupation and my most enjoyable hobby.

I bet almost every day of the year predominantly with automated bet placing bots…

So I have no qualms about sharing my knowledge other than the fact that it does become time consuming answering questions from people that are not prepared to think, study, or do a little development work themselves.

So, when Laurence asked me to share some thoughts with others interested in the Bettingdev products I had no hesitation in accepting.

Indeed, I operate a large proprietary database of horse racing information with millions of horse records and more than 100,000 race results. Using this I have developed 100’s if not 1000’s of strategies for selecting value winners.

In another lifetime I did win second place in the Australian Magazine called Practical Punting for my system using Sectional Times which funded attendance to 20 odd events at the Sydney 2000 Olympics for my Grandson and myself.

 It is my intention to contribute to the Bettingdev web site every couple of weeks and I will cover many topics including how best to use G2M and Malbot and what are the best settings to use.

Let’s start with an overview of G2M (The Greyhound Market Movers)….

G2M (Greyhound Market Movers)

G2M (Greyhound Market Movers) – Part 1

Developed specifically for Greyhound racing around the world it’s attraction for me is the large number of races available to consider every day of the week. Some days it will exceed the program limit of 300 events.

There are other betting advantages such as limited field sizes, smaller pools providing good comparisons between runners for Price and Volume movements. There are a couple of improvements that the developers could include in future versions, and I hope they will come from increased attention by users of the program.

Like everyone else on first receiving the program I was keen to switch it from “paper trading” to “real Money” as soon as I had played with all the settings. It didn’t take long to realise that I had not done enough testing to risk real money, so I switched back to Test Mode and purchased a second copy, running one on my main home machine and one on the Gyanhton VPS, both operating 24/7.

Now I put one G2M program on my best settings to date and one on the widest possible settings to gather as much data as possible.

I ran that data gathering program for several months and transferred or downloaded the information onto my computer in an Excel spreadsheet database that I developed for the task of evaluating the best settings.

I use some fancy VBA macros to convert the G2M data to suit my spreadsheet and to test every item of data that G2M (Greyhound Market Movers) gathers from past events. Now I am not particularly computer or Excel competent, so I had to seek help and found a wonderful Forum with over 1 million questions and answers and any question I ask is usually answered within minutes at any time of the day, and those magicians have provided me with all the VBA code and macro help I have required here.

From my early research I soon found that the single most important criteria variable was the Volume of money invested on each dog. I also found that there is a very wide distribution in results between Tracks. Check out the best and worst track result using my recent settings.

Capalaba 125 $161.25 86 68.8% 129.0%
Canbourne 104 -$91.64 46 44.2% -88.1%

And the Worst and Best UK Tracks had similar variations.

Nottingham 49 -$30.53 23 46.9% -62.3%
Doncaster 47 $40.53 26 55.3% 86.2%

New Zealand Tracks are not quite as variable.

So, after much testing and research I have come up with a set of criteria that is approaching consistent profitability, but I will not be completely satisfied until I have a full year of full data in my G2M Excel database.

I have consistently found that the best Volume settings are 64.1% to 88.1% meaning that when a Dog has that much money on it there is a greater chance of success as a winner. Of course, that is not the only necessary criteria to make a profit and I will deal with others in my regular future posts.


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