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Let me provide you with more direct help: Discover how using the Bettingdev tool called GH Best Times can unlock steady profits on Betfair, ensuring a consistent betting strategy with minimal time required.

Profit on Betfair from this Blog:

In an earlier edition I gave details of Trainer M Locke at All the GB Tracks now let’s compare with an update to the 12th Feb24. He continued with a Win PoT% or ROI% of 104.5%.

<01/02/2024 ALL GB M Locke 1,141 $234.62 20.6% $1,375.62
>31/01/2024 ALL GB M Locke 58 $60.63 104.5% $118.63


Now suppose we only bet when he has a dog at his favourite track, ROMFORD, over the most popular distance of 400 m and only when our Bettingdev tool GH Best Times Ranks his dog in the top five on Times.

>31/01/2024 ROMFORD GB M Locke 37 $41.09 111.1% $78.09

That boosts our profitability up to 111.1% PoT%/ROI% while still giving us 37 bets in 12 days.

A $AUD3 Betfair SP bet on each of the 37 dogs recovers your Lifetime licence for GH Best Times marking another step towards profits on Betfair.

And this is from just one of a number of profitable trainers identified with this Bettingdev tool.

But before we leave Trainer M Locke there is one more small quirk to consider. We looked at his recent Stats over 400 metres at the ROMFORD track leaving out those selections that GH_Times tells us were Ranked 6 on previous Times in their upcoming race but if we were to also avoid those selections that GH Best Times Ranked #1 on Split/Sectional Times then this is what the Stats would have been for the period 20/05/2023 to 15/02/2024.

<>1 <>6 400 <16/02/2024 ROMFORD GB M Locke 811 $251.00 30.9% $1,062


Is it difficult to use?

Not at all and just in case my talk of using an Excel database or exporting from GH Best Times concerns you read on.

The greyhound fields and criteria for each day’s events load automatically into your computer when the GH Best Times program is active and there is a little Button towards the top right of your screen that opens all the information in a spreadsheet format. You can do a simple sort to find your Trainer and their runners with the unwanted Time Ranks at the bottom and when your Betfair account is open it is so simple to place your bets for the day. I usually have my Betfair account set to bring up 1% of my Balance as my daily standard bet on each selection.

You can also contact me and request a copy of my Personal macro called Trk_Trainers which does the fine sorting with a single click of your mouse.

Meanwhile keep winning,


Remember, Gamble Responsibly and enjoy the thrill of winning with us!

The advice and information in this Blog is believed to be accurate and reliable but no warranty is given and no responsibility arising in any way from errors, omissions, use of information or implications made in this Blog is accepted.
Mike McBain


  1. Iain Moran

    Hi Mike,
    The link to contact you didn’t work, but I’d love a copy of your Trk_Trainers Macro, please.

    • Laurence Bettingdev

      Hi Iain,
      To be able to talk with Mike, you could do through the forum by following this link>
      The file will be sent from Bettingdev.
      I hope this is of some help 🙂

  2. mikemcbain

    G’Day Iain,

    My macro Trk_Trainers macro has been superceded by my Macro now called GH_Trainers and which is still very much “a work in progress”. I will pass on a copy to you via Betting Dev as Laurence suggests.

    What I am sending you at this time are the macros I am currently using to find the qualifiers to my Criteria for three profitable Trainers, M Locke, D Hurlock and C Fereday.

    I run them from my Personal.xlsb! folder.

    These need to be run individually because I have encountered problems when trying to get more than one to run on a day when perhaps two or all three of them have qualifiers.

    Keep winning


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