GoodBet “Horse Racing” Edition is intended for all bettors to help them identify the best horse betting opportunities or check their own selections.

It is based on our rating system that we developed by studying and analysing horse races for several years, whether Flat, Jump or Harness. The result of these analyses shows that it is obvious that to find a winner, several criteria must be taken into account. We therefore wanted, from these criteria to create a software that would allow to award points to the best horses and that would allow you to be more relevant, more rigorous, more logical in a word more professional before betting.

You can use the selections of GoodBet, to bet online, with the Betting Exchange, at your favourite bookmaker or directly on the racetracks from all over the world (UK/IRE/AUS/FRA…)

Take a look at the screenshot below. It’s a dummy Flat race  to show you how GoodBet works.

betting software

Our race will be called “Take a look at GoodBet” and, to keep things simple, we will work from a selection of 4 horses (Several horses option) but, just as we said above, we can add as many horses as we want. Which means that you can use GoodBet from a full race to make your own selection(s).

For each horse (Bryan, Steeve, Darrin and Grant) you will have to answer GoodBet’s questions (by ticking the check box if the answer is yes and for each question, we explain what the criterion is.) so that it can determine if your horse is worth a bet by giving him a number of points.

Bryan got 12 points, Steeve 8 points, Darrin 16 points and Grant 18 points.

These are the horses of our 1st race selected by GoodBet. We can now continue to study the other races of the day (Flat, Jump or Harness).

And at the end of the day, we will add the results of races so we can keep a history of the selected horses.

Of course, you will find in the software the user manual of GoodBet. It will give you the full methodology, the selection of races and horses and how to bet the selections.

Thanks to GoodBet you will know when to bet and when to abstain. Your new expert approach will allow you to react as a true insider and not as a simple gambler following the crowd. One of the most useful skills in betting is to work to preserve your bank, ready for sound betsrather than chase winners!

With practice, you will find this software very useful to compare horses, especially good favourites and fake favourites.

Never forget that, in order to be a winner, you have to be logical and rigorous and, with Goodbet, you have THE PERFECT TOOL!

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