Greyhound Market Movers = G2M | Part 6

Up until now these Blogs have been looking at eliminating the selections showing the worst performing criteria or eliminating the Tracks producing the worst results on a PoT% basis.

Today we concentrate on finding the criteria that produces the most profitable results. This will mean less selections but with the large number of Greyhound events that is not a problem.

Taking that part of my database that does not contain data from the nine tracks listed in Blog Part 5 and that were earlier identified as producing less profitable results I ran some comparisons.

The first set included only Australian Greyhound races and picked up only the dogs that carried between 58.2% and 88.8% of the money matched at 10 seconds before the race start and only those dogs that also qualified as the top ranked G2M Volume Rated selection. (We currently cannot set the Vol% to the second decimal place.)

These 2170 selections produced a profit from a Strike Rate of 52.4% and a Profit on Turnover of 2.9%.

I then compared the same criteria for the Greyhound races in GB and NZ and then ran all three countries together with the same criteria resulting in a SR% of 50.8% and a PoT% of 6.1%.

Finally for those who may prefer a lesser number of bets but with a very similar profit and a higher SR% with much better PoT% I determined the optimum settings for the minimum and maximum Volume Ratings for each selection and ran the last set of results above.

Now any Punter who is not satisfied with a 53.7% SR and a 31.5% PoT is truly in the wrong game.

Of course, we can never give an iron clad guarantee that past results will be repeated but you will have a lot of fun improving on these settings.

Until the next Blog – Keep winning….Mike.

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