HR Back2Lay

HR Back2Lay

We are preparing a new article (with videos) to show you how great this software is by modifying the criteria so that you can come up with strategies that work and exclude those that don’t generate profit or lead you to bankruptcy.

This article will be available at the end of the week at the same time as the new version with awesome features!

For now we update one of HR Back2Lay’s strategies, created from its data that is still in profit since October 31.
And keep in mind that the trigger that works with HR Back2Lay, works with all the selections you extract and not just the one taken as an example.

See you soon for this new exciting article!

Infinite possibilities, impressive profits (other users are still doing much better), a constantly evolving software…With HR BACK2LAY, getting an edge over other Betfair users has never been easier.

£825 of profit since October 31, 2021 with an initial bank of £1,000!

Post  updated each week.

Results based on an initial bank of £1,000 with version HR Back2Lay + Trigger.
Commission Betfair 5% included.

Results may vary from depending on the stakes available in-play.week


  1. lawrence mclean

    Hi Betting Dev. I am interested in the HR BACK2LAY + Trigger system.
    However, I am concerned about the setup and the need for a Vps.
    I am in my seventies and have to admit I am not up to speed with things like this.
    Is it possible for you to set this up for me, the Vps. the trigger and install the same criteria which resulted in the amazing results shown.
    I would then have no need to alter the settings until perhaps when I am more conversant with the running of this.

  2. Laurence Bettingdev

    Hi Lawrence,

    The configuration showing these results is included by default in HR Back2Lay.

    If you need to run HR Back2Lay + Trigger on a UK VPS, you can order a UK VPS – Standard Plan, (it is the ideal plan) by following this link>

    Don’t worry, once all ordered, we will install and configure everything for you and we will come back to you with all details to access the VPS.

    If you have any further questions, feel free to ask us 🙂

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